The Best Hunting Slingshot On Thingiverse (The Beast Master)

by mussy Dec 9, 2017
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wow thanks so much i caught lots of octopus my fav!!!!

Its my pleasure Evan, would love to see some photos mate ;)

sorry never took any photo, but i'm going tomorrow and my odds are good so if i catch i'll get a photo. The sling does work very well though and makes fishing a lot easier and fun! Thanks!

Cheers mate I never used it on a proper hunting trip but thanks to you I know it works now ;)

yup thats definently good to know. you should try, it works surprisingly well for a 3d printed one and has some power. for the band i just used a exercising cord which are like very thick rubber bands, then i cut the cord in half and used some nylon to connect it back together so the arrow has some sort of rest to let it shoot better. here is a pic.

photooooo!!!! please!!!!!! user manual !!!!!!

Pictures are ready with full instructions ;)

uffff could you put a photo of an armed project or something that can guide me ... imagine I am 5 years old and explain it to me with drawings !!!!! :D

OK lol I'll post pics

and how is this armed?

aaaaaa noooo jajajajaja we have a serious translation problem (damn google translator) I mean the project assembly

for I do not understand anything !!!!! this is supposed to be a high-powered Chinese military sling

I am having a problem with my " Beast Master" the Flame thrower addon doesnt snap on as chrisp as the rocket launcher!!! Is this because of the newer revision of the flame thrower? I cannot work like this!! I EXPECT the flamey wayme to snap on precisely like the rocket launcher!!! DAMN why did I even pay for this thing!!?? oh wait I didnt pay anything.....nevermind XD

You'r rockets are ready lol , Tomorrow Flame Thrower ;) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2702933

Rambo Explosive Arrowhead (REPLICA)
by mussy

but it is occupying a hard drive space hehehe

OMG :))))) lol Now I'm gonna have to make a Rocket Launcher & Flame Thrower Attachments :P

hahahahaha or a chicken spear like the rambo or I'm wrong!

aaaa was not charlie rambo a remake!!!! jajajjaja