Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

FliteTest Swapable Spitfire Retractable Landing Gear

by ComikzInk Dec 10, 2017
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Printing this to put under an FT MIG-3. The bottom of the wing is flush with the fuselage, so I'm aiming to recess the gear into the wing and have them retract towards the center line. Printing in ABS using commercially available wheels and 9g MG servos. My receiver is limited with connections, so I'm writing an Arduino program to control it. Also will enable me to deploy the gear at a slower rate. I'll post a make when it's done. Thanks for the design

ABS is probably better for this, I was using PLA and managed to shatter a wheel once. That said if you're using normal wheels then you shouldn't have an issue :)

The arduino control sounds like a cool idea, you'll be able to trim them a bit easier too as I have an issue the symetry being off when they meet either end of the limits.

Can't wait to see it when you're done :D

I was able to do the wheels in TPU at 10% infill and they worked well. They have some bounce. They roll nice and are a bit squishy. Up the infill percentage and the wheel gets harder. TPU is great for this.

Great idea, might try TPU on my next attempts :)
Think I'll convert my CR10 to direct drive as I hear TPU and bowden setups can be an issue.

I'm using a bowden setup with my Ender 3 Pro and have no issues. Just cut your retraction in 1/2 and slow down the print. I did switch the extruder assembly to the aluminum one and I use Capricorn tubing. Print at 30-40 mm/sec and it works great. The only reason I haven't gone to a direct drive system is that i can now print TPU and rarely have a clogging or feed issue. I'm remixing this awesome set to use for the Master series corsair and some rotating retracts. The tail wheel turned out so well im considering using TPU for the main gear too.

Oh really? Must just be my CR10. It's gtting old now with enough mots that not much left is stock.

You got any pics of your setup. I didn't get much of mine before I demolished my spitire xD

Here she is, the fateful MIG-3. This is probably my favorite FT model. This is my 3rd build of the model, lol. https://youtu.be/gl9HFdYo-5w Check it out

That's come out looking amazing, those cutouts are so clean :D
Looking forward to seeing the maiden flight :)

The Spitfire flies better and cheaper than much commercial planes! ;-) So the retracts are a "must to have"!

It's a great plane both in looks and flight characteristics :)