Minecraft Ghast night lamp

by Voltrage Dec 9, 2017
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Hi there, this is a great design and I'd love to make one of these for my son's bedroom.

Any chance you could upload the Fusion 360 files for editing? I would like to make a batten-fix version of the light - similar kind of fixture to yours, but hanging off of a ceiling mounted light. I'll need to work out a new mounting system and the tail part to be "upside down" in terms of fitting assemblies.


Thanks for stopping by.
Yeah, sure. I added the .f3d file. Let me know if that works for you or if you need anything else.

And your idea about fixing it the other way sounds really cool. I'd love to see it when finished.

All done and works well. I can see what sort of issue you came into when printing the thin body, I think PLA plastic exacerbates the problem.

I did the legs in PETG (I had one roll of white of each, and wanted 2 printers running together so it finished faster) and they came out beautifully. The body has some minor buckling issues, and the CoreXY printer that printed it needs work (very finicky with belt quality and tension balance, otherwise edges can come out warped)

I'll post a remix of my modifications as well as the F360 design. Alongside the batten fix modification, I also added a few fillets and chamfers around the place to avoid hard 90-degree corners where they might look ugly, strengthen areas where things stick out, etc.

Very nice. I see you've put in a lot of effort to really make the hanging version work. I'm happy you've made it all the way through. And I really like your end result. I hope your son likes it as well :)

Thanks. I've got the design open and working on it now. I'm mindful of globe heat affecting the plastic so I'm thinking of cannibalising an old lampshade for its metal spacer around the lamp area. Fortunately I have a spare half-spool of white PETG :-)

In looking around I found cord extenders from the roof mount, so the ghost can be flying from the roof.. that will be a cool little addition I didn't think of! https://www.beaconlighting.com.au/darly-diy-batten-fix-suspension-cord-in-white

My first thought was that it would be right up almost touching the roof.