Tevo Tornado Control Box

by tonyl321 Dec 9, 2017
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Will a MKS Gen L fit properly in this?

There is enough room for 1 I believe, but the mounting holes will not line up. At least not all 4. I cannot say for sure without the Gen L CAD

the 60mm Noctua fans that you recommend are only 12v. whereas the stock fans are 24v. how did you get them to work correctly?

Yup, they've begun properly cooling my box for 7 months now. You need to put in a dc dc step down buck converter to drop the 24v down to 12v, for the noctuas

Thank you for the prompt reply. it might be a good idea to mention the need for a converter in the notes.

This is truly awesome! Any chance you can mod this to fit 80mm fans?

Thanks, I appreciate it. If it was a quick change to make an 80mm version I would, but seeing as everything is packed kinda tight as it is, it would require modifying every panel and I have no intention of doing that right now. If you use a smaller SSR heat-sink you may be able to get away with making a larger hole for the 80mm fans, but if you use the parts I outlined, I do not believe it will fit

Does this only fit the stock PSU, or will a larger one, such as a makewell fit?

The pictures suggest only the stock one, so I wanted to ask to be certain.

It was designed with the stock psu in mind. I cannot that another psu won't fit, but the stock already fits fairly tight

Thanks. Guess it's time to get good at Fusion360 :)

What is the purpose of insert panel? Also, I assume the side cover fix replaces the left panel.

There are 2 versions of the left side panel. The newest version has the Tornado logo in it. The insert goes behind the cutout so that you can illuminate the cutout and diffuse the light from an led

Thank you. By any chances, do you have a picture of all pieces put together with installed components? I have an idea how to install most of it but having a picture would definitely help. Thank you for the great work.

I added the photos I have on hand. If you have any specific questions be sure to post it here. Also, many questions have been answered on the Tevo Tornado Facebook page

Would you mind uploading the cad file? I would like to make a few modifications

Sorry, I have no intention of uploading any CAD. If you wish to make modifications you will have to use Meshmixer or another STL editing software. I have made some modifications for others before though. What would you like to change?

I am actually going to use it for a TronXY X5S and not a Tevo so was going to modify the side and the back.

Any recommendations for the display? Ordered up an MKS board and TMC drivers. Thanks for this!

This is designed to fit the stock display. Hope it works out for you!

Would this box support the original boards that came with the Tornado?

Not at this point. Honestly, if you want to keep the original board, don't put yourself through the hassle of having to swap everything over. If you really want to use the old board and this design, only 1 part needs modification.


Opened my brand new Tornado today, and am just getting it set up.

Am planning on adding a MKS Gen and the SPI configurable TMC2130 drivers.

What's your plan?

I have tmc2208s that I am installing for the time being. May move to the 2130 at some point, but this box allows for all kinds of customization