Fully printable carburetor (for gasoline engine)

by Krawallkeks Dec 11, 2017
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This is really a cool design and project!! The pilot jet is the one on the engine side of the shutter, right?

Hey, thanks man. Yes it is. It sucks fuel by the strong vacuum at idle. Once the throttle is opened, static pressure rises and there's not much fuel being drawn.

Ah, gotcha. How did you get the jets to print so cleanly at that size?

It is quite simple. Print slow with full fan.
The real trick is, it's not possible to get accurate holes that size. So I did trial and error by changing the size of the hole in CAD and printing it. I think in CAD it's like 0,3 but in reality prints 0,1.

You can also get the tiny hand drill bits with a pin vise for just a couple of bucks from China that are perfect for drilling out jets to precise sizes. So another approach would be to print with a tiny but undersized hole and then drill them out by hand to the desired size.
This is a very fun project. Carburetors are at their best when they are kept simple like this.And they can work amazingly well.
Good work!

Thanks a lot! Your idea of drilling the jets out makes sense absolutely, it was a big issue getting the holes correctly. You can imagine, a 0.1mm hole will never be 0.1, it might be 0.3 for example. So it is pure trial and error..
In this case, I did it for the fun, but drilling really makes more sense.
You are absolutely right, carburetors are at their best when they are as simple as possible.

I'll be damned. I didn't think this was possible

Thanks, it surely is!