Studio Ghibli Nesting Doll

by ShareAlike Dec 10, 2017
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Great work. My wife and son really love these. Is there anyway you could make a version of Jiji that has the feet connected to the base all the way down? It took my son 2 minutes to break her feet off. By the way I printed Jiji top tight, works really well. I would be afraid of the super tight version.

Sure thing! I just uploaded the file "Jiji Base SolidFeet.stl" which should be sturdier.

Thanks for the feedback!

That worked pur-fect. Thanks again.

Thanks! You're awesome! I'll check it out later as soon as Totoro finishes.

How did you color it ? Which type of colors ? (Link to get it please If possible)

Awesome! Great prints. You put my painting skills to shame :)

Everything should print fine without supports. I didn't use any and had no trouble.

If you do decide to use supports just to be safe, you can probably change the support angle to something pretty high like 75/80 degrees.

Awesome! thanks for remixing my Jiji :D

Love the way this turned out. Jiji's neck however is too loose and head keeps falling off. Is it an easy thing to fix?

Thanks for letting me know. Initially my Jiji print was plenty tight, but after about 48 hours the pla loosened up and I actually ran into the same problem. I found that a coat or two of black paint gave it just enough extra thickness and friction to hold on much better. But if you would rather just print again, I will try to tweak the dimensions a bit and re-upload within the week.

Thanks for the feedback! If any of the other character pieces give you trouble let me know.

Thanks for the quick response! If you have time, it'd be wonderful to have a file that fits. No hurry though. I tried playing with it in Blender and Thinkercad and I was quite lost. Thanks again!

I uploaded 2 more Jiji heads with tighter fits (details have been added to the summary). I haven't printed either of the new head models, so do let me know if there are any issues with non-manifold edges or what not.


The tight one is reporting non-manifold. I'm repairing it and printing it anyway though, so we'll see how it turns out.

Thanks for pointing that out! I did a quick patch in Blender and it is now reporting no non-manifold edges. I re-uploaded it and patched the super tight model as well (it had the same issue).

Wow, thank you! I will try them tonight and let you know. Thanks again!

I'd like to print this as a gift, and I have a really strong feeling this might have the right feel if printed in wood filament. Great job!