HTC Vive Joystick mod.

by Eisenmeower Dec 12, 2017
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I don't have a 3D printer so I'm going to order some in Ebay but is there any chance of getting a design with a concave thumbrest? Would be a good idea as many people myself included prefer concave to convex.

Made four and all four broke at the where the curly bit connects to the clam. Any suggestions? Just more infill?

I'd say increase perimeters instead of more infill, should be stronger.

I printed this a while ago, but I didn't have conductive PLA.
So I printed the center piece with normal PLA. Of course this wouldn't work.

To fix it I cut out a piece of aluminium tape, put it on the bottom of the piece and wrapped it around and onto the thumbpad.
Just coating the underside does not work, it has to be in contact with your finger somehow. Not sure why, probably for conductivity reason. I am not an expert on touchpad technology.

I also used a tiny piece of blu-tack to keep the center piece from flying off when I release the pad and bent the plastic very slightly so that it rests 1 mm above the thumb pad when not touched.

i have never tried this print nor tried to print with conductive filament. I also have a ctc makerbot clone.Two things i would suggest though is one using simplify3d. it has a much more intuitive slicer slowing your printer down when printing finer detail and keeping a constant flow. The other thing i would suggest is printing the extruder mod like this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:231310 . The extruder setup on the ctc is atrocious and i have found this mod to print with excellent results. Also Chuck has a youtube channel and printed this mod and has a good example of how much it improves the print https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jv_tRVZrN68 . I do think i get better results on the CTC than his channel shows and i think maybe its becuase i am using a stiffer spring. Hope this helps you out Cheers!

Mk8 Spring loaded Drive Block Replicator 1 / Duplicator 4 / FlashForge / CTC

Hi guys,
I tried the whole day to print this mod, but my printer (CTC Makerbot Dual clone) begins extruding less filament at this height (check out attached photo) und starts blocking the filament and half clogs the nozzle as it seems.
Any ideas? Printing at 210 degree, 30mm print and travel speed, 1.2mm retraction distance, support activated.
I have the fan mod (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:537918 ) attached and need to activate it as soon as he starts the overhang, otherwise I get warping.
I'm using sailsfish firmware 7.7 and the Makerbot Desktop 3.10.1 software.
Any ideas?

Active Cooling Fan Duct v2 for Replicator 1 / Duplicator 4 / FlashForge / CTC
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Could you use a stainless ball bearing or a common hex nut in place of the thumb piece?

I also had problems with the joystick.stl so here is an archive with the fixed joystick and Rafael's fixed frame STL's.

Had to repair the file, as the spring part was only attached to the clip part by a thin layer piece. All credits still go to the original poster. This is an amazing piece of hardware to vive users!

I am very soon going to print up a bunch of these and offer them. Very awesome design. Too simple.

Is anyone else having a problem with the joystick model? My software seems to think the top part is hollow and keeps drawing the grip circles on thin air.

Would you consider making one for the steam controller? Looks amazing :)

Brilliant!! ~www.elementalspark.com

Hey man great job on reddit. Sounds like you can't meet demand without 10 more printers. I notice you have the creative commons - attribution share alike. Does this mean I can help alleviate some of your demand on ebay? I'm happy to sell some if you're fine with it!

Congrats on the reddit fame!

Thats why im here too!! Im so making this. Funny thing is i always scour thingiverse for vive related stuff and hadnt seen this. I guess steeping is important for ultimate karmaflavor!!

What can I use for the conductive piece if I don't have any conductive filament?

I've covered the center piece with the foam that comes with CPUs boxes, covering the pins. It's conductive, and shouldn't damage the touchpad

Perhaps you could pick up some conductive paint? You'd need to cover the bottom and top of the stick, plus a little line connecting the two. You could also try a little piece of copper tape cut into a circle, but you'd still need to connect it to a conductor of some kind on the top that you could touch I think. If you go this route make sure there are not wrinkles or sharp corners that could scratch the pad. Another thought is to buy a pair of those knit stretch gloves that allow you to operate your phone (there are soft conductive strands in the fabric). Cut off a fingertip and glue it to the stick component. Finally, you could apply a little copper or silver(aluminum) leaf -- you can pick it up at Michael's. I've had good luck making 3D prints look metallic that way, and they're conductive. You'd need to smooth the part first before applying the leaf. Go google fishing for specific directions. It's not particularly difficult if you can put up with imperfections in the finish.

Off the top of my head. you could wrap the pad in aluminum foil, but that might scratch the touchpad up over time. Otherwise, I'm not sure.

What VR games do you use this with? what game was this specifically made for? have you tried attaching this modification to an HTC Vive controller with a silicone cover over the controller? what brand of PLA + and conductive PLA did you use?

Thanks in advanced.

It was designed mainly for games that use touchpad free locomotion. Works great with Onward, Pavlov, Arizona Sunshine, etc. I don't think it would work with the silicone covers as it snaps firmly to the plastic body of the vive wand without much flex. The filaments are esun PLA+ and ProtoPasta carbon conductive PLA; both purchased from amazon. I imagine PETG would be a good alternative material for the frame/spring.

Thank you for this information