Pi Zero Print Server/Camera Combo

by rakeyser Dec 11, 2017
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How about making something to allow the case to move further to the right so it doesn't block the view so much? If the arms could also swing horizontally for instance, that would permit more flexibility in positioning the mount.

I really like that idea. I would make it now, but I am living in a hotel from being relocated. Once I find somewhere to move into and get the printers set back up, we'll be in business to do more mods. Great idea!

What about the comment "Raspberry Pi Zero W is not recommended" on https://octoprint.org/download/ ?

Interesting, that comment is new since i made this setup... i haven't noticed any problems. To be honest, from my experience Octoprint on the Pi Zero W works better than the built in interface on the MP Select Mini

This is excellent. This was one of the few designs I could find that was for the the Adafruit spycam. The one issue I had was that the Raspberry Pi Zero I have has the header pins included so the case doesn't quite close. Would it be possible to extend the case to account for the header pins? By my measurements it needs another 2mm of clearance. If you are willing to share the CAD files I'm willing to give that a shot myself, but still a beginner on this.

Believe it or not, I actually already have a redesign which I haven't posted yet. Unfortunately my internet isn't playing nice right now so hopefully when it comes back up I'll remember to post it. If I don't post another comment in here with the redesign link in the next couple of days, reply back and I'll send you the files.

Hi again, were you able to get Internet working better? When you get a chance, can you please upload the updated design for the header pins? Thanks!

Wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten about you. The week this all was going down I got a new job out of state. We have been living in a hotel and everything is askew. Hoping to FINALLY be able to get to this in the next week or two. Very sorry for the delay...