Anycubic i3 MEGA Chains

by CuriousTech Dec 11, 2017
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Awesome chains! Made the X and the Y. Working great.
The only thing i notice now is the X chain starting to hang a little. Does anyone else recongnize the same?
It seems like the last piece at the Extruder is not strong enough to hold the weight.

Yes, I've noticed some drooping but not nearly as bad. I think it was really made to be vertical. The extruder end gets loose, and I've warmed and squeezed the end to get it tight again. I guess making it thicker would help. It also pivots on the one screw, which would bend the sides out if it's moving.

Do you have the CAD Files? I'd like to try making the piece at the extruder thicker.

I built it all in tinkercad. It's free. Just sign up. I think it might be good to add an L shape that goes along the top, or something that goes around the corner of the metal part it's attached to so it can't wiggle.


Hey everybody;)
I've made some Pic's for the Detail.
It was quit difficult go figure out where to put the right Element in the right Spot.
I Hope this will help you #thumbsup

Thanks for the pics. I got 14 links on the bed cable though. You should check inside the base to see if it's not wrapped around something. If it's not long enough it will pull on the base bracket when it's all the way forward.

I'll Check it! I also Count 14 links on the Base from your Pics but i thought i didnt Need all oder them.
Can you explain me whst to so with the other Elements? I thought it will be for the x-axis but there are Way to less Elements(links).
I didnt see this in the Pics.
Can you make some pls?

The X looks fine. Y just looks short. I think it will still work though. Just make sure it's not pulling when it's all the way forward or back.

Great thing! I've installed the X and left Z so far, but I'm stuck on the right Z. Which part attaches to the top right Z? It looks like the part in the pictures clamps onto the printer, runs left a bit to clear the filament, then sticks back towards the chains. I'm probably staring right at it, but can you tell me which part this is? Thanks again!

Hey, look at my Picture dsc06296.JPG.

Wow. That was supposed to be Z_topRight, but that's the 2 lower Z parts. I wasn't paying attention when naming I guess. I just added Z_topRightForReal.stl which is the right one. It connects the same as the left, but goes behind the filament entry.

Thanks again for uploading that part. It's definitely what I needed; on first print it doesn't seem to want to snap into place as nicely as the Left Z piece, but I'll re-print it and let you know how it goes. Also, and maybe I read the instructions wrong, but it looks like you have 16 links on the right Z chain (not 14 like on the left side). Thanks again - I really love the way it makes the printer look!

I made both sides from the same section, so they should be the same. I've noticed that PLA shrinks a little over time, so they don't fit as well as they used to. I think a hole in the middle and a screw/nut is what it really needs. You're right. It's 14 and 16, not including the swivel link. You never know if the cables are different lengths though, so I just added on from top to bottom until it hit the end. I didn't use a clip on the right swivel one because the cables turn back around toward the connectors on the base. I really just added the Z chains because the left cable would get caught between the bottom of the gantry and the table every time I moved it, and for looks of course.

That all makes sense. I also realized for my printer the right Z works better with the 10mm clips (not 7mm). I'm re-printing stuff now and will let you know how it all goes. Thanks again!

I used the 10mm clips on that side too. Even with the loom off, it needs more room.

You were right about the number of links on the right Z chain. 14 is the magic number, not 16 like I thought. I've got both Z chains installed with bolts/nuts, and the X chain is also done. I'm just printing the Y now and will let you know if I have any more issues. Thanks again!

OK, all done and looks/works great! Thanks again!

Thanks for responding so quickly and uploading that part! I'm printing it now and will let you know how it goes. Thanks again!

Just what I have been looking for, printed all links and clips without any brim or support, no cleaning required.
I have mounted all chains and they work fine.


I need a wider fixing hot bed because i have a thicker plate under the hot bed (4mm). Can you share editable files or change it for me?

Download it again. Sorry, I had a small gap so it when printed, the bracket part came off.

I added Y_bedEnd4mmPlate.stl with a 4.6mm gap, and here's the tinkercad link. It's the green one. I forgot the original was just a part of the bed cable holder I made and deleted. Enjoy.



Cool chains, good job :)
Did you have to extend the cable for the hot bed or did you just add the chain? What programme did you use?

Many thanks

Thanks! I didn't need to extend it. The length from the base to the bed corner is about 12.5 inches. If you have less, it probably isn't straight inside the base. I've replaced the bed once so it goes straight through. I used Tinkercad, but it's all just rough blocks attached to the original design.

Thanks a lot.
Think I'll try this solution :o)

I'll get back here once it will work.


I don't see the clips in the thing files?

I don't either. I guess I never uploaded them. Sorry. Just updated. There's also a remix that might be better.

Thanks! I found the clip under remixes already (fits nice and snugly), I'll try yours this evening.

The cable is to short for the Z axis if you want to use the chain the propper way and you still have cables on the left side of the printer. I'm also working on it and it is not a trivial task.

I'm sure it won't work with a normal chain, so I'm just doing a sort of fake chain. The bottom connector is hinged so it can turn 180°, plus the links can reverse so it's easy to do an S shape, or have 2 directions in 1 chain. So it's straight when extended full, and just compresses when down. It might look bad though. Not sure yet.