Servo Flower

by JobSmolders Dec 12, 2017
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Thanks :-)

You have big plans I hear :-) nice

the 0.5 mm nozzle part will also work if printed with a 0.4 mm nozzle :-)
but making it of aluminum plat is some work :-).
About the weight I don't know. What people do not know is that this is version 3 of the servo flower. In the 2 previous models the leaves where indeed to heavy. That's why I took the “vase mode”approach to keep the weight down. These little SG90 servos are pretty strong dough.... My advice is to make one aluminum leave an just test it :-).

About the Arduino. You can download the sketch here. Do you want me to make a wireing diagram?

Thanks for your quick response. OK, I will try that. Where can i find the previous versions if they are online? just to have a look. And yes, can I get a wireing diagram to make it easier to follow the sketch, that will be helpful if you don't mind.

I didn't post the previous ones because they didn't work. Also their mechanisms are very different than this one. Also they used stepper motors instead of servos. So I don't think they will help you.

I did make a diagram with pictures tough:-) I think this will help you. Now you can test the strength of the Servos :-)
Also I added a picture of the Arduino, servo break out board and light resistor to give you an idea how it looks. The light resistor and 100K resistor can be swapped for an potential meter. This makes assembly easier because than you can move the leaves at will and let them stay in an fixed position :-) .

If you have more question feel free to ask :-)

Many thanks JobSmolders! That was really helpful :D

This is a great model. Could you post an assembled STL so I can look at the full assembly in 3d?

Thanks :-) . Yes, I have uploaded "fully ass servo flower.zip". It holds all STLs in one. But it's big. I hope this will help. :-)