Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

airtripper mod for rubber printing

by bencini Mar 14, 2014
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Did anybody has tested this extruder with rubber ?

Any chance remixing this into a MK8 gear compatible version?

i use mk7 !! mk8 is too small
Model From Length Outer diam. Hob diam.
MK7 Drive Gears USA 11 mm 12.5 mm 10.56 mm
MK8 Drive Gears USA 11 mm 9 mm 7 mm

really strange, the bearing is 22x8x7mm look at the photo

I found a picture simular like mine , you see the bearing runs to the housing :
but i watch your pictures and notice some difference the bearing holder you use is different than original
that i have from airtripper
and also the drive gear looks to me different , i got the MK8.
could this be the reason than ?
is it possible to post the bearing holder ?
i buy al the original parts from airtripper , so i has wondered why it doesn't fit.

airtripper mod for rubber printing

Hello , i like the remake only one problem the bearing hits nose where filament meets
the drive gear .
the bearing doesn't hit the filament .
is there a other type of bearing required ?
also the Bsp fitting doesn't fit even also no hole for fixation screw.
kind regards

the bearing is a 608ZZ, for the bsp you have to thread the hole with a 1/8 insert

it doenst work with 608ZZ , if you like i make @ picture of it .

Could you post the source (scad file)?

i did not use scad, i could give you the iges or step source

That would be very useful, thanks!

There are a couple of other differences from the Airtripper BSP that aren't documented. The BSP fitting is changed in a way that prevents an easy upgrade from the normal DSP, and the screw holes are smaller.

Well my test is still on the way , but for now seem that everything works well i have set retraction to 2mm at 8mm/sec speed temp to 240 the filament is from plastink ( one of the best italian filament producer)

they have also the video of the bracelet https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10203365892419061https://www.facebook.com/photo...

I'm moving to direct drive because I want to start printing flexible stuff. While this is a great improvement to this design, wouldn't the natural spinal compression of flexible filament still produce problems? Think about retraction. In order for a bowden design to work, it has to compress the filament to 'push' it into the hot end. If you have 1-2' of filament before your hot end, that's a lot of compression for flexible filament. So when you retract, you would have to retract the entire compressed amount in order to create any neutral or negative pressure on the hot end nozzle.

I'm very curious, and I want this to work because I like the bowden design and it keeps my delta head light. I'll be watching. Please post videos of your success!

exactly what i mean ... but your english is better than mine!

simply it avoids the jamming of the flexible filament due to the space from the MK7 and the filament exit and the friction of the tube

thank you - I will give this a try

simply avoid the jamming of the filamet due to the friction in the tube, it guide the filament into the tube

The difference is in the filament exit after the hobbedbolt look the picture

how does the exit help that is the question

It basically leaves no place for the filament to double up on itself. As .long as it is kept as a column it will feed. If there is room for it to go elsewhere , it will kink. Then it is game over. This should address that problem. Actually not a bad idea for regular filament , might make the feeding of new colors etc. easier .

Can you discuss how this is different from the existing airtripper ? How does it aid in using a bowden with rubber filaments ?