Lulzbot Taz Camera Mount

by cmidgley Dec 18, 2017
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Was looking for a good C615 mount - This actually fits perfectly on my i3 mega ultrabase version without any modifications even though its a different printer completely - took some measurements before printing and as expected everything fits perfectly. Thank You.

I originally printed this in PLA and attached it. Sometime later I printed something in ABS and the entire arm got soft and drooped. :D
I have since printed the whole thing in ABS to tolerate the higher temps.

Could you upload the STEP files for this? It doesn't work with the Aerostruder.

Rats! Do you like your aero? I’m waiting on the new v3 dual - it should do flexi materials as well.

What’s wrong with sizing? I’m not in front of my machine but it should be easy to update. The design is all parametric in Fusion 360 so it should be easy to adjust any parameter.

The fan shroud is much larger on the Aero and hits the support structure that rises above the bed on the mount. I ended up editing the mesh to just remove the support all together.

As for the toolhead itself, the jury is still out. I've had some problems with it and I don't like the profiles that Lulzbot ships with cura. However, the problems I've had are mostly of my own creation. The one common problem I share with the wider community is with the part cooling fan. They are so strong that they cause the hotend to lose temp faster than the PID settings can recover. This trips a failsafe in Marlin that senses a "thermal runaway" and it kills the printer. Lulzbot's response is to turn the fans down, but I don't think that's a satisfactory solution to something they had to be aware of when designing the toolhead and the profiles.

Did you move the camera further outboard (length the long arm)? Do you know by how much? I'd like to adjust the model to work (and if not too much, hopefully just one model for both).

I also didn't like the Lulzbot Cura profiles. I ended up switching to Simplify3D, which I love, but did have to spend a lot of time "tuning" it. I'm about to start working with the MOARstruder tomorrow, which I'll bet will be a mess until I get that dialed in as well.

I didn't make any modifications to the length. I just 'cut' the lattice structure from the arm. The cameras are light enough that It shouldn't be an issue.

I used S3D for quite a while. I recently gave up on it because of the lack of support for common tools such as Octoprint, but more importantly volumetric extrusion and hardware retraction. The support for these features of Marlin are nonexistent. Moving to Slic3r meant I could use these features on all of my printers and drastically improve my print quality.

Interesting... what camera are you using? I found with my Logitech that it was too heavy without the lattice, and the result was very jumpy on the timelapse. The lattice helped a lot, but it isn't perfect. Hope it works for you. Maybe I can remodel it so the lattice is below instead of on top - that might make it work for the new extruder?

I'm pretty sure S3D does support volumetric extrusion ... but not using the firmware (so you have to re-slice when you chance the filament diameter). But I depend on that to tune my machien for the different filaments.

I'm not familiar with hardware retraction (and a very brief google didn't help). But I find the retraction settings pretty effective, but if there is something better I'm all ears! I wouldn't say I had enough time on Cura to gain confidence in the difference, but I find my prints are S3D are quite good, and better than stock settings I was getting in Cura. I also love their ability to change the supports - both in terms of density but also closeness to the part. So now my supports come off fast - but that's why I'm waiting for the dual extruder V3 because S3D can change from one filament for the supports to another filament (second extruder) at different density just a few layers prior to the object. This lets you have very dense supports using wash-away filament, in theory making the print much smoother. Can't wait to find out!

I also find it works fantastic with Octoprint (on my Pi). I use a script on the profile when saving the file that triggers CURL to post the gcode to Octoprint, and then I just click print and off it goes.

Maybe some of this is in S3D v4 ... it was a pretty significant updating from v3, I just forgot now what all changed.

Anyway - thanks for the feedback. Check back in a bit ... I'll update this model once I check it against the MOAR and the dual v3, as well as see if I can drop the lattice to the bottom so it works with all of them.

The cameras are Logitech c920. Moving the lattice to the bottom would work as well. I'm sure the mount would work in its current form with any of the other toolhead options since they're all similar. The aero is a completely different design due to the 360 degree cooling ducts.

FWIW this mount also works well with the TAZ 5 and I'm sure it would work well with the older generations too.

Thank again, extreme_sitting, for your feedback on the Aerostruder. I've uploaded a new model (Arm_v2.stl) that has moved the lattice to the bottom. I think it's a better design overall, not only less space taken before the bed (which let me slightly shorten the arm) but also let me improve the lattice a bit. I've not yet printed this, so if you try it let me know how it goes. I hope to print this is the coming days, and if all goes well I'll update photos (etc).

Great! I printed the "thin" version. It doesn't really move a whole lot. At least not enough to be a problem. I'll print the v2 version tonight and give it a test. Thanks to the previous mount, I'll have a nice time-lapse of the process.

On another note, I printed the screw a few times as well. It's really nice in PETG with 100% infill at .1mm layers. It doesn't take all that long to print either.

I printed the arm_v2 version last night, and tried it today. It works, and hopefully fits the Aerostruder, but I didn't like the wire trough. It was on the inside rail making the wire bend a bit over the outside rail. I've reworked the wire trough to now be on the outside rail, and that should work much better. I'll try to print it again when my current print jobs complete, but if you want to try it / look at it, it's called Arm-v3.stl.

There is a new arm_v5 up there that I've printed and tested, and have updated the images and files as well. Let me know if you print and test this on the Aerostruder. If it works, I'll update the commentary to say it is tested. Thanks again for the help getting the design ironed out.