Solidoodle E3D Extruder Assembly - Mashup Design Rev. B

by makerboz Mar 14, 2014
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Any chance i can get the top piece file without the mounts for the fan. I have been trying to edit them out myself but am not having any luck. thanks

The front portion of the piece that holds the hot end has an existing piece of support material in the .stl. Is it possible to upload the original file? or remove that support?


Need support modification But work very well ! THX

I pretty much have this all redesigned in CAD now. I had to print it out on Makerbot at work out of PLA to get mine back up and going and some of the fits are tight but the Makerbot is out of calibration. I pretty much had to take the MK5 design and start over. I took your basic design though. and just made it CAD editable (Solidworks). Once I verify fits with ABS version and get a couple kinks worked out, I'll post it all

I am working on getting the one part into Solidworks. This is a very smooth design and the tighter fit carriages work well. I just want to try to get that mount a bit more rigid. I think this is an excellent compact design though.

OK. I printed out your tighter fit carriages as I was never happy with the fit on the Lawsy version. And I printed out all of these. I don't really like the fact that after all of the trouble to make everything tighter fitting and much cleaner that the stepper motor is held in place by a zip tie. I wanted to modify this to have the same mounting as Lawsy's MK5

I haven't yet installed the tighter fit carriages yet, but my extruder is attached by the very long M3 screws that attach the printed extruder parts to the carriage as well as the zip tie that secures the extruder motor better. It's fairly secure considering that the pieces attach carriage -> extruder parts -> extruder motor. I'd love to see what you can whip up though to make a better motor connection. Let me know how it goes!

I love his design. Thanks for doing it! I do agree with some of the comments. I need countersunk holes, especially since I am using a different x carriage than most people and I must insert the screws from the front. Also, It would be nice if this design didn't stick out from the extruder motor those extra 4mm. My hobbed gear set screw is totally stripped so I can't move it and therefore I cannot use this design at all. I am using lawsy's MK5 for now.

Could you build a wire guide into the mount somewhere? the e3d forces you to have a cable jungle all around the head, and the kapton cable management is ugly and low quality. I have some ideas if you are interested.

The "bottom" piece has a pretty primitive looking wire guide on the left side, and I'm hoping to make it better if you have any suggestions!

Have you seen this? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:277038http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Thought it might give you some inspiration.

E3D Fan Duct

I did see that the other day, and I think it's pretty clever. You are correct though that I want to have a always on heatsink fan and then a gcode controllable active cooling fan to cool the print. I just know that sometimes you do not want the fan actively cooling the print because it could cause problems with some areas.

So now that I'm using lawsy's carriages, I'm using this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:154544http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... with your latest design and it is looking promising.

Solidoodle Underside Fan Duct
by lawsy

Nice design...is this compatible with lawsy carriages? Thanks again for sharing!!

It should work just fine with lawsy's carriages. It is a derivative of his Mk5 design, which also fits his carriages.

I haven't tried installing with the carriages yet, but if I am reading the instructions correctly, the bolts have to go in through the front to attach, which will not work with the current rev.

Would you mind attempting a modified Rev. B that has countersunk holes? I have one ready that should work with the current setup, and only needs the one (bottom) part to be reprinted to try. Let me know!

Sorry it has taken so long, but I finally printed and installed the new rev that you posted on the soliforum. It fits very well and initial testing looks good. I like the new fan placement, the only suggestion that I might make is to move the fan down toward the bottom of the heat sink rather than the top. Some users have reported issues printing pla on an E3D if the fan is too high up.

I like how you have moved the cooling fan to the front, I think that will be a great improvement. Have you given any thought on including a version that has the mounting holes go all the way through and countersunk so that it can be used a bit easier with the stock screws (and also with lawsy's carriages). So far my first edition is going pretty well. The one downside is how far the filament cooling fan sticks out in front, as I have to leave my door open to print a lot of things.

I will add the countersinking to my Rev. C list. I'm hoping to move the fan to the underside of the carriage (the backside of the extruder) so that it will not mess with any enclosures like yours. I just need to get a lower profile duct designed that still works just as well.

Great... And yeah to get mine to work, I had to countersink the hole quite a bit so that it would just miss the head. Thanks for your good work!