Pill Bottle Dividers

by lawrenceinflorida Dec 15, 2017
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Any chance we can get these in a 5 and/or 6 section?

Probably, but that won't allow for many larger pills. A six-section divider would likely only allow 4 vitamin sized pills end to end. I'll look into it.

Maybe just a 5 section then? I don't need them to hold much per section, it's just for my backpack/travel bag so I can make sure I have a couple of all my important meds on me at a time. As of now, I mix two meds into each slot. Either way, if the walls are there I can (hopefully) just scale it into a bottle sized for my needs.

Thanks for getting back to me!

5-section and 6-section dividers are uploaded. Let me know how they work out.

Awesome, thanks!
I seem to be having manifold issues with all of these models in S3D though. Any ideas by chance before I go mucking with other software to try and 'repair' it? http://prntscr.com/idt2o9

They worked for me with Cura. In fact, I just tested the 5- and 6- units and
they all sliced perfectly.

It imports oddly into TinkerCAD as well. I'm guessing this is designed in US measurements whereas the softwares are both using Metric maybe? S3D asks me to convert it to metric, and then it comes out botched. Tinker imports only one triangle of some of the divider walls. Quite odd indeed!

I'll keep fiddling and update here if I find a solution.

Alright, I found a service from a company called NetFabb, running it through their online tool made it slice properly afterwards.
For anyone else who needs to use it: https://service.netfabb.com/service.php

Here it is sliced with CuraEngine. No issues. All my designs are in inches.