Clone Trooper Helmet Phase 2 Star Wars

by Killonious Dec 16, 2017
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Though accurate in size to aforementioned Star Wars specs, if you want to wear it, scale it down to about 85% or so.

do i need to print this with supports?

any chance you have a fusion 360 file of this? It would be cool make some custom size adjustments aside from just scaling the model.

You can use a mesh to Brep conversion tool if you disallow design history.

Is this helmet still too big? I looked at the files and it just seems way too big.

Nevermind I guess the size is correct, checked out http://www.starwarshelmets.com/MR_Clones.htm and it's pretty much the same.

Has anyone fixed the scaling issue? Is the file still too big? Wondering how to scale it before I print.

I have printed it at 87.5% scale and it was still slihghtly to big.

Hi, I started printing this helmet earlier this week and I've printed the front two thirds so far. It seems large and I am wondering if I was supposed to scale it down to fit properly, if so do you have any seizing suggestions?

It's my next project. But I have one question. How do I print the dome in one piece?

Looks like a wonderful model! Are you able to make an STL with it all assembled for a print?

Wow, best model I have seen yet.

Please everyone, I need help. I am new to 3D printing and know absolutely nothing. If anyone has spare time to chat with me and teach me a couple things I would greatly appreciate it. Please contact me at 7708567712. May the force be with you all.

I just uploaded my "Rough" prototype macrobinoculars for this helmet if anyone was looking for a free one sized to this helmet pretty well. (It should be in this helmet's remixes.)

I just got the V2 up, glad you approve. I have really enjoyed working on this helmet, thank you very much for putting up the file for free.

Thanks for the awesome Helmet. I had a blast making it. I made the Shock Trooper

Comments deleted.

incredible work, thank you for your effort and share that task

I am French so I apologize for the translation.
Thank you very much for this great job.
Is there a printable file for black glasses?
If not, what advice can you give me?


Has anyone been able to wear this? I'm almost done printing mine and it's way too big. I'm a 181 cm (little short for a clone trooper!), pretty darn average proportioned person. It's enormous on my head with a good 30 mm of air on all sides, my eyesight is almost blocked by the narrow "pinch" towards the eyes and worst of all, the lower neck area/jowls run into my shoulder/neck muscles. I need another few cm of neck in order for it to fit properly. I was planning to just grind away a lot of the bottom to solve that last issue but in realizing that it's enormous on me and also makes me look like a "kid" clone trooper with a too-big head I'm contemplating reprinting the whole thing at 90% scale or so.

Hi, whats your head size and circumference?
Im just asking, because i have a very large head and cant fit in most prints :(

So. Much. Supports! But its a sacrifice worth making, love the work man. keep it up.

Has anybody been able to wear this? I am wondering about the scale. It seems like it may be a bit small.

Could you make a phase 1 helmet?

Beautiful work, Killonious! I’m about to start work on a Captain Rex cosplay because of this helmet! High five!

I'm having trouble printing parts 9 and 16 because they keep getting knocked off the build plate. is there any recommendations on how to overcome those problems?


try moving the pieces in different angles....
and or add more support density to work as surface glue...

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Hello killonious, big fan of your work i was wondering if you could make some adjusments for me on this helmet?

Any file with less parts?

ya... i have the same question as Greywo1f. do i need to rotate the files to minimize support material?

So I'm going to print this but I'd like to know an approximated mass for the entire helmet. Does anyone know what it is? Also, will the individual files print without need for structure?

Your model looks spectacular, however my only criticism would be the airators. They are not the correct shape and should be separate parts. The chin shape looks incorrect too. Should be flatter and the greeblie should be a separate piece.

Airator dimensions should be about.... 36mm wide x 32mm high x 12mm deep

Here’s a few images of what they should look like.

has anyone started to print this or finished it yet? just wondering if you scaled it up (how much) and how the sizing looks in person? judging from the master replicas version on http://starwarshelmets.com/MR_Clones.htm the height should come out to about 342.9 mm?
also think the ear parts should be on a slight angle. othe then that's looks amazing man.

I think I fixed these issues now in this new version.

This is an amazing model!
Three questions.
What are the measurements measured in on the diagrams, because I would like to be able to wear it and I am not sure if it would fit my head.
And two; are there guide slots for sticking the pieces together, it would make it easier to piece it all together.
Lastly are you going to add what looks like vents (6 thin lines) on the side of the helmet?

Wery good job. Ofcourse in future i will printing your model.

Cool can't wait to see it.

Damn Man! Im buy this helmet on Do3d and on next day you Upload file on Thingiverse....damn!

Damn. I wish I could of saved you from spending your money.

Its ok! Be sure your model much better.

Man, i hope you realize how amazing this model is. It was impossible to this file well made till now. Thank you. Keep up the good work ;)

Thanks I hope you get to print this one out and I get to see it.

OMG. This Helmetlooks great! Very well done

I absolutely love this, hope we get a Commander Cody and a Phase 2 Arc Trooper versions soon. That would be breath taking to have all three. Looks beautiful.

Great model, currently trying to print it. However, I found that part 6 is the exact same file as part 5, would it be possible to get the correct file for part 6? Thank you!

Sorry about that. I just fixed part 6.

Absolutely incredible file! Thanks for sharing

As always, Fantastic desing, love the look of this helmet. Details look great.
Just a few toughts.
Separate aerators and chin greebie to their own files.
Keep the teeths gathered in one piece, instead of splitting them up.
separate the earparts and the vertical lines as one separate piece to fasten on top.
Also the front tooth looks to wide.

I fixed the teeth. I will have to go back to make the aerators and greebie separate.

Beautifully smooth, looks fantastic ; )

Said it before and I will say it again, your work is just amazing Peter! Thank you for sharing this file!

Thanks and no problem. I had a lot of requests for this helmet.