40mm Axial to 50mm Blower Adapter

by AJsRaceway Dec 16, 2017
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So I tried this the other day....and got the dreaded Thermal Overun....tried 3 times, each time it only got to 2nd or 3rd layer and fused the print nozzle to the part....I'm guessing that it is due to a cheapy radial fan, but I really have no way of knowing for sure. The second attempt I had reversed to plug and the fan did not run at all but the first and third attempt the fan was running

What's thermal overun?
Is it the same thing as thermal runaway protection?

Yes, Thermal Runaway.....sorry still new to this 3d printing stuff

That's a bummer. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. I have no idea what's going wrong, but I wish you luck.

I think I have a good feel for what is happening....happened with stock fan as well. The control box I had added a 120mm fan and its pushing good air through and some of that is being directed towards the print area....so too much cooling....blocked it with a box and has stopped most of my thermal problems. I just printed with PETG for the first time and found same kind of issue with it....cut fan speed to 50% and stopped that thermal issue as well.,,,lots to learn...lots to learn

Would you be kind as to specify what screws are needed? Not all of us have a box of misc screws and bolts laying around. Guessing it wrong means more trips to the hardware store. Well pre-print that is. I suppose one can bring the print to a hardware store and find something to fit...

Here's what you should need:

M3 x 5mm bolt (x 4)
M4 x 20mm bolt
M4 Nut

But, this will depend on the screw type that held your fan on to begin with. Plus, you can get creative and use what you have on hand for mounting the blower (like a M3, plus a couple of washers, for example -- or even a zip tie if you are in a pinch). What's listed above should be a safe bet, though. Good luck!

Just made it! - eager to try it. Which orientation of the fan do you think works better? Horizontal or Vertical?

I've been keeping mine vertical, but mostly because I think it looks better. I had a horizontal one, made from PLA, start to sag from the heat of my build plate and enclosure. Vertical probably wouldn't have that problem. I've also switched to ABS, which is more heat tolerant.

40mm Axial to 50mm Blower Adapter

Sometimes simple is better, and in this case, I think that this design is MUCH better than everything else that I have tried. It is a quick print, requires the least hardware, and ABSOLUTELY WORKS BEAUTIFULLY. Job Well done. It is easy to over engineer things nowadays, but this proves that it doesn't have to be complicated to function well.

That's very kind. I really appreciate it!