Root 3 Lite CNC multitool router 3D printed parts

by sailorpete Dec 18, 2017
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How tall is this? Anyone know how to convert to 3d printer, I was thinking of a external z axis.

How much filament does is needed?

Which drag chains are used?

Hey guys, I want to build a root 3 lite. Is it possible to use it as a laser engrave-er? Is there anybody already builded one with diode laser? If it's an existing thing what kind of laser was used ?

Is it possible to use slotted 2020 extrusions for this build. I have some left over and thought this would be a great build with it.

Könnten sie mir für Gantry side panel einen g Code senden um es aus holz zu fräsen und welchen bit benutzen sie.


Converted this using Vectric - seem to be right to me but have not cut them out yet. If someone does before I have done mine, pleease let me know.

Am still waiting on parts to really get under way with this project!

Dxf files side panels and base board?

just letting you know if you print the x gantry with a 30 percent infill it's very strong and usable. I printed it as temp plate very thin walled and even that was strong. so I decided to print instead of wood very happy but make sure you pla is at 210 for good welding. and when cool submerge in water for 2 hours to rehydrate plastic as all moded plastic need to be rehydrated. like a lot of people don't know that all plastic after shaping molding or printing needs to rehydrated before use as without rehydration is weak. and this goes for all plastics just find out the rehydration time and make sure you filament has not been water bathed when they make it as some Chinese companies use home style filament machines and they use water baths and that means you are printing rehydrated plastic all plastic has to be dehydrated before molding or printing so be careful where you buy it

Hello! What is the recommended wire gauge? It's a shielded 4 wire strand, right? Thanks

where is the parts list sorry now to this i started to print it and looking for parts what i need to buy thanks

Why are all pictures made from the same side? Please add some more photo's from the parts so i can see what is mounted where and how. Thanks you. Im building a R3 lite now. Almost done printing and awaiting parts from aliexpress and ebay.

Can someone please tell me what bearing number or size to use? Maybe I'm blind but I can not find the answer? Please

can this be used for cutting aluminum??

Hi ! Just a quick question, I want to have a 350x350 cutting area. The 3 lite will be okay ? Or should I go for the classic one ? I mainly want to work with wood and acrylic.
Can I go for 10mm or 15mm for the plywood panel side? No modifications for the rest?

I built this! I ended up using 3/4" square tube because its easier to get here in the USA. I also ended up making new spindle clamps and using a dewalt dw660 for the spindle. I also used a cnc shield v3 and GRBL. I really appreciate all the work you put into this. i did have a suggestion of making a 1mm thick template for the "x gantry side panel" I had to cut my template into thirds (my printer is not big enough) then tape it to the wood to cut and drill them. This is an amazing project. Thank you.

I'm in the U.S. as well so sourcing 3/4" tubing will also be easier for me. Did you have to modify any of the build? How were you able to did this? Thanks

3/4 in is smaller than 20mm so you can just model and print a adapter. 0.75 in is 19.05mm

I used wooden side panels. I think i had to slighty modify the holes. I left the bottom the same and measured the top and drilled them that way. It is a small difference.

what aluminum profiles are they?What is the size?
what length should they be cut? How many pieces have I to cut? Thank you

Hey !! I love tour project it's awsome

But if have a question could you give me the side's stl files pls?
Thanks for your help


Any reason you can't use v groove bearings? Thinking you could reduce bearing count doing as the mill one does


Do you think the base panel can be done in 12mm plywood?

What are the sizes (Length) and quantities of M3 bolts?
They appear to be missing from the BOM

Many of them(M3), I can say you for sure need 16pcs M3x30 for base plate. Also base plate STL a little wrong, there is no space for Ramps box if you cut base plate 549mm as in STL file. You need to add about 35mm to 549mm side to have a place for Ramps box as it shown on original pictures here. Someone on internet also says you need 24pcs of M3x10 Screw Grub, Y rail mount use 8 of them. Can't say more now - just building it... Best regards!
P.S. But be sure you need many different M3 to build it.

Thanks the NEMA/mounts will need fairly long bolts - Was hoping someone could share the full BOM so I can order any extra bolts in the odd sizes that I don't have in stock.

Re the base plate: I'm building mine slightly bigger than "standard" (500mm X&Y), and not planning to mount the ramps box to the base plate, So I'm going to ignore this file.

Where can I find list part?

Download all files - files - R3_LITE_1.zip - BOM 2.xlsx

Also added it to this message.

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Your Root 3 offers STL files for metric (25mm) or SAE (1") square tube. With the Root 3 Lite being designed with 20mm, do you have STLs for 3/4" square tube?

Hi might be missing it but where can i get the source files? Or a STEP file?

Hi, I wanted to thank you for sharing this clean design which is so carefully and thoroughly explained. I'll post pictures as soon as I complete making it. Your 3d printed parts fit together neatly and your instructions are great. Thanks a lot.

Hi, I´m new at this forum but i really like your machines. So now my new Anycubic i3 Mega is printing some parts for it.

I have to remix the Y-Axis block, because i cant configure the helpers in the right position for this print. How did you printed that blocks?

What is the z travel in the system from right down to right up

I think 80mm off the top of my head. I can double check later.

Do you thing there is a way we can get a lil more travel out of it? More like 120mm? not Hating on your desighn, mad props for it. just need a lil more travel

Hello! I have a question about the bolts mentioned in the BOM list for the R3 lite:

  • M5 x 20 mm Hex head bolt - 32pcs
  • M5 x 60 mm Bolt - 16pcs

Which ones should Iare which? Whats the correct head ? See picture:

Can anyone help me, please? Sorry for the newb question...Thanks!

I don't have all my parts but I think I know this one:

The 20mm must be hex head like you would turn with a socket wrench. They fit exactly into the carriages to hold the 625 bearings.

The 60mm hold the carriage halves together. In the photos, he uses button (oval) head type. Other types might work but there are small clearances to consider - not sure if socket head cap screws would run into anything. You don't want any countersunk heads in this project afaik.

This Video might help you confusion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfKX0M21cGE&list=PL5hghy18PulWahNTYJ5U9uzd7b4gYzUDA&index=1

I know this is Root 3 but the idea is identical

Thank you both for your answers! So just to clarify and according to this graphic:


I should get:
B - 32 pcs

But what about A and C? Should I choose based on clearences or is it indiferent?

Thanks for you help.

Comments deleted.

I printed with 4 walls / 50% infill in PLA and some of my nuts spin in their holes before they get tight enough. Do you think more infill would work or is PLA just going to have this problem?

  1. What thickness is the plywood for sides and base panel?
  2. What are the brass looking hold down doobers in the base panel?
  1. 12mm and 18mm :) I decided to print the sides and then cut plywood later with CNC accuracy.
  2. I found and ordered some of these: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B01AXY995E/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Pete, this one looks amazing!!!!! Love the control box!!

:) Thanks - hope you like it all!

Is there a PCB etching video/stats yet? I saw the auto-leveling demo and I want to believe :) I'm also having trouble to find the 22T/8mm pulley and 232T belt.

I have completed one PCB on it with no issues though I didn't film it, you can see the results in our Facebook group - however I do have another PCB I need to do, so I shall video this and add it to youtube shortly (I hope) :)

Thanks! My print and hardware collection is coming along. I read a comment that the 8mm pulleys can be 20-teeth and the belt is actually 232mm (not 232 teeth) -- true???

That is what I think as well. I can't find any 232T belt or 22T 8mm pulley but 20T pulleys and 232mm belts are readily available so that is what I've ordered for my build. We'll se if I'm right :)

Which belt did you use now?

Awesome design already a fan of the Root CnC and this is a nice add! Thanks :D
You reckon it will be possible to mount a bigger router like a Makita or DeWalt one?.. I'd like to cut Plexi and copper and I am not sure this spindle will be strong enough...

Thanks :)

I shouldnt see why not - though this is the Lite version, if you want a bigger spindle Root 3 might be better?

Thanks for your reply.
Ok cool i will look into it :D Yeah I know but the Root 3 is too big for my need.
I need a CnC capable to cut Plexi and eventually Aluminum 3 to 5mm deep max but at the same time I will never cut pieces bigger than 100x100mm so Root 3 is really overkill :D
Can I ask you about the base plate please, did you cut it through CnC/Waterjet or its printed as well?..

Love It!!! Would it possible to build this Root version with a 520mm x 270mm cutting area? I will be using it mainly for RC parts and want to be able to cut materials as; carbon fiber sheet / plywood / and maybe small Alu bits. (no real heavy mill work)

the 520mm might be near the max length for this machine though Root 3 normal would be more suited for sort of size, though both machines are capable of doing all the materials you wish.

What is the maximum cutting area? ... thanks for sharing

Mmm... to the designer: Thanks for sharing!

To errorcode106, it looks like it can be scaled nicely. The red machine is sitting on a blue one :)
I'll be making one since I have extra steppers. I wonder if it is accurate enough for PCB routing :D

Thanos_of_MW is correct it can be scaled depending on your requirements

Though my current machine has a 207x215x45mm working area

So I think that means the Lite with 350mm box tubes can cut its own side panels, correct?

Actually it would not fit on Pete's machine. The side panel design is 157.5x220. I'm planning to cut a slightly longer set of box tubes for the Y so it can fit.


first of all... thanks a lot for sharing this awesome project(s) with the public, very nice design.. i really want to build one and am looking around in my 'not used' electronic-box and figured.... hey... i can build one :) but i really like to know, what spindle did you use on this build? maybe you can share a link or something :) TIA!!!

greetings and keep doing what you do!!!!!


Hey - I use a standard 52mm 300w DC spindle or quite spindle I think they are also called for this machine