Skyrim Frost Dragon

by voxinaudita Dec 17, 2017
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Glad it worked out for you!

When I look at the 3D model on my pc, I keep getting a teddy bear cup in place of what is supposed to be a frost dragon from skyrim. What gives?

Apologies if this sounds condescending, but I don't know your level of PC or 3D printing knowledge, or how you're trying to view the files. If you still have trouble after following the below instructions, let me know.

  1. Re-download the .zip file for the Skyrim Frost Dragon.

  2. Unzip the files to a unique folder, e.g. make a new folder named "dragon". Subfolders will be "files" and "images". STL files will be in the "files" folder. The Skyrim frost dragon has several STL files.

  3. Open whatever slicer program you are using and open the file from there, e.g. browse to c:\dragon\files\ and open head.stl , rather than opening it from File Explorer.

Lovely model. Curious about the paint job. Thinking of doing exactly the same for a blue dragon in a D&D campaign. Which paints did you use?

Thanks! First there was a coat of gray primer, probably Rustoleum, and then I used Tamiya water-based flat paints in basic colours (just blue, black, white, yellow, red), applied with various brushes. Then there's a sprayed-on clear gloss coat over that.

That said, for later prints I've been using Chromacryl acrylics and it's been just as good if not better, and much cheaper. The thin consistency of the Tamiya is really great if you want to airbrush, but if you're using brushes, a good art student-quality paint works well.

Hello, it looks nice. I would like to ask, if I need supports inside the hollowed parts? Thanks

Thank you! Yes, the hollow parts need supports inside.

Thank you for your answer. So I am thinking whats the benefit of it? Isnt better to do it fullfil with lets say 10% of infil?

It's possible! I just assumed that supports would take up less material, as well as weigh less than infill. I didn't actually look into it.

And do you have the same models without hollow?

I can definitely upload some, yes.

I will be very grateful. Thank you very much.

Thanks. Bec. hollow parts are not printable, when scaled to 40% and lower. The walls will disappear and not be printed.

Thanks for letting me know.

Nice, thank you for such a fast response :)

it fails at the start of the left foot

I sent a message, but ill post here, too. how do i print the top hollow base? there are low parts that need support, but im not sure how to get it there. using cura 3.1, and have tried 20% supports, and also, 20% infill, but no matter what, i cant get support inside where i need it. any advice?

I had to make the STL printable via makeprintable.com. It works for me, now.
The hollow originals are broken and can't be scaled properly, because the walls are too thin already and may have holes.

I could upload the remake, if you wish.

Since people are having problems with the hollow parts, I’ll replace the files with solid versions. I should have them up this weekend.

That would be good for others. I scaled it down to 60% and used green stuff to fill in the holes. Painted it to look like a young warp dragon for my Iron Gods campaing. Still painting it...

super! how you suggest to print the wings? I've MK2 too

I printed them "standing" (wing plane vertical). In Cura i placed them manually in the position, where you have the least "red" surfaces, which would need support.

I printed them in the positions they are in the file, but they needed filling and sanding afterwards. They might actually print better positioned vertically.