Robotech - Zentradi Battlepod - Made to Move

by alpokemon Dec 18, 2017
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Just one (hopefully final) question... should I use the one-piece model and scale it that way, or should I just modify each piece individually? (this goes for the Invid and Officer pod as well)

I would ratio each piece individually. That way you can also position it with the least amount of support.

ok. if anyone else asks, you can find the canon heights of each mecha, just for scaling.

e2: I recommend dividing the canon height of the mecha by the scale model you want (I divided by 55 as my figure I was keeping it to scale with is a 1/55 scale model), and then divide that number by the 3d model height, and that's how you get your canon scale. ;)

I'm trying to scale this for my 1/55 scale model, so do you know what the actual height is?

The model is 73.5mm tall x 61.2mm wide. The width can change depending upon how wide you position the feet. Have fun. I don't know what a 1/55 scale model size is. This one should print fine on FDM.

Sooo.... I tried to scale the Invid, and it was great; I'm (hopefully) going to print it this weekend. When I used the same scale and it too worked... except that I forgot how ridiculously large the head is in comparison to the Veritech body and the build plate... how should I slice it (I have a FF Creator (Wood))?

e: actually, I went back, and all of the pieces except the upper legs are too big, so I'll have to slice those too. ;(

When I print the head I split it down the vertical horizontal plane. You don't want any lines in the front or back so go left to right a little behind the cannons.

Slic3r keeps glitching and it stinks, so I’m fixing the supports and minor issues with my scaled Invid, which is going well.

1/55 is just how the manufacturer organized the different sized models. Thank you for giving other Robotech fans the chance to make their own models!

Would you consider making the missile pods (to go with the larger cannons) in the future?

Yes, when I have time and when I get good reference pics.