Trio Dock - Charging dock for iPhone X/Xs, Apple Watch and AirPods

by tomasf Dec 19, 2017
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Your design is exactly what i where looking for. It's marvelous.
unfortunately the USB part of the watch charger does not fit through the predifined hole.
Any chance for an update? Or the file for CAD. I'm using fusion 360

Any chance you can update this for an iPhone XS Max? I just printed this out and then realized its a bit too small for my Max with the case on. Or the source file so I can modify it would work.

will an iphone XR fit?

Any chance that you can publish the files or add a file that allows for lightning charging?

Aliexpress changed the wireless chargers a little, so the one in your link no longer fits properly

hey, how snug is the airpod dock? will it allow airpods to fit with a silicone case on or would it need to be removed? or any way to increase the recess without effecting the apple watch dock?

any chance you can update this for the 44mm apple watch 4?

Are you having problems with 44 mm watches? I use one, and the existing design seems to work well with the new watches, too.

I tried it with a 44mm, but the charger sits a bit too low, and the watch won't charge

That's odd. I use it every day and it never fails to charge.

why is there 2 flat bit can someone plz explain what the difference is

The small flat bit covers the circuit board in the bottom part. The large one covers the back of the stand where the charging coil sits.

Could you edit the design to hold all these items but instead of the x phone, hold the iPhone 8 Plus?

could you make one for the 7 plus? like a hole for the cable?

I made one and I really like it. I ordered the QI charger for $2 including shipping from China and took it apart and used plastic epoxy to hold it into the pocket on the back. Works like a charm. I printed a new bottom for it that has a hollow that I added 2 oz of lead fishing weights into to help make it heavier so it doesn't move on the night stand. I also added some rubber feet. Awesome setup. I might actually make a base that integrates a small USB hub so I can have 1 cord instead of 3.


I love this design it's very clever yet simplistic! I want to use it but I have a different style PCB for my wireless charger that I need to adapt your design to make it work. I was wondering if you could send me your original cad file? I'm using fusion 360 (if you designed on F360) o/w any other 3D file would work and I can have a friend convert it at work.


Just printed this, very nice design, love the part how the airpod's charging cable gets in there and sits there very nicely.

Although I do have couple of suggestions:

  • The hole for the watch charger didn't seem fit with my print. The radius may be too small by 2mm? I had to heat treat it and made a mess, but eventually I got it fitted in there.

  • The base could be thicker(and the openings for wires could be "deeper") to compensate for the extra protective wrappings of the watch charger: I kinda have to force the watch charger's cable in there and carefully set it on my table, if I ever lift the stand, the cable will come out from the openings and I have to manually stick it back in again.

I got one of the wireless chargers off ebay with the same shape and design as well, but mine keeps on overheating. Had to use another brand's wireless charger and taped it onto the back. All and all, I gotta say, this dock is very well designed.

Love this! Can it be modified for an iPhone 8 Plus and the Anker Wireless Charger!

Is that cheap qi charger has the capability to charge iphone x?


This is Great! Unfortunately I have a small print bed. Are you able to split the model in half between the phone and AirPod/watch so they can be printed separately?

Sure! I have now uploaded split left and right parts.

Awesome, thanks!