Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Garmin GNS 430 - Flight Simulator Hardware Interface

by allanglen Dec 30, 2017
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This would have been great for my project I built a few years ago, I had all the knobs working but needed is a screen and the case. perhaps i should re-visit the project and make it work in xplane 11

Oh yes Glenn, sorry i mistyped i was meaning the svg.
I had to load (import them) in a Corel Draw template to have them cut and engraved by a shop
But when saved and tryes to upload it gave me an error.
I really would like to have this panel, i ordered an anycubic 4max so i think i will be able to
Handle the slt files but have no clue on / how to have the front plate, spacer and hadware mount.
I dare to ask...... would You make and sell a set to me?
Sorry if i’m so direct.

Forgot to say that i could also upload the template so maybe you could check what’s wrong or if i made some mistakes.

I'll reply to your DM. Thanks!

Hi Glen,
i tryed to import the STL files in a template for Corel Draw given by a laser cutting shop
but after uploaded i've got an error. can't figure out the problem.
Probably an issue with the lettering but don't have a clue.
Did you cutted and printed on your own ?

The SVG files posted are used for laser cutting, not the STL files (the STL files represent 3d objects). The software I used to drive my laser cutter uses SVG files (http://www.scorchworks.com/K40whisperer/k40whisperer.html).

Hi Allan,

I want to build a GNS 430 and a GNS 530 for my home cockpit. However, I have a big problem which I could not found a solution. Switch spaces in the layer used to mount hardware components are not suitable for 7x7 switches. I measure them either "hardware_mount.svg" file or relevant FreeCad file and both of them is only 0.68mm. Because of this my 7x7 switches are not fit on the spaces.

Am I making a mistake? How can I solve this problem?

My attempt to fix that: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4107493. Not tested, though.

GNS430 sim remixed
by vlish

The laser cutter kerf width (about 0.1 mm in my case) accounts for the difference between the drawing and the actual hole size for mounting the switches.

You may have to adjust the hole sizes for whatever process you are using to create the components.


Would it be possible to get the original files that I could use in Fusion 360? I am able to import the stl files but it would be easier to edit and tweak the size with a native format for fusion.


All of my parts are modeled in FreeCAD and I have provided the original FreeCAD files (*.FCStd). I'm not too familiar with Fusion 360 but there may be a way to import the FreeCAD files. If not, you should be able to make any manipulations you need in FreeCAD.


Thanks, that puts me on the right track! i will see if i can get it into freecad and then export from there to a common type that i can use in 360.


hi from germany,
do you use xplane11? how do you manage to get not displayed a full GNS - so only the Display is on the displan?

thx for all the informations, i get it today working.
THX a lot and happy flying

See "Screen-only popup instrument windows" here: https://developer.x-plane.com/2017/09/three-lesser-known-aircraft-features-for-11-10/

You have to put a blank 1x1 pixel png in cockpit/radios/GPS FMS/Garmin_430_2d.png for the aircraft that you want to use a bezel-less GPS window with (ex. /Aircraft/Laminar Research/Cessna 172SP/cockpit/radios/GPS FMS/Garmin_430_2d.png).

You must create the cockpit directory if it does not exist. It will not work if you put the pixel in cockpit_3d

i got it running, but the xplane gps looks like a lite version of the real gns. Do you use/or try a RealityXP plugin? this looks much more realistic and have all menue points and arrivals and all details like the real one.....

I have not tried RealityXP.