Repeating mini crossbow

by DIYPark, published

Repeating mini crossbow by DIYPark Dec 22, 2017

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How to make ==> https://youtu.be/N4zxyb1klb0

Wear safety goggles to protect eyes.
Wear safety goggles to protect eyes.
Have a good time. Enjoy!

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All parts no brim

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Amazing design! Keep up the great work!

Would a Q-Tip fit instead of the pre-made ammo?

What is even more exciting is cutting one end off of a toothpick and using that.

Worked for me, left the cotton from one side to keep all the children with two eyes!

I don't understand what's happening, the backcap, the slider and the front parts doesn't fit the body parts. What should be the thickness of the assembled body?

There is a 0.2mm tolerance between the parts.
Depending on the printing environment, this tolerance may vary.

Please try to output at 110% ~ 120% scale.
I recommend using a 0.4mm nozzle.

very cooooooooooooooooool

Anyone tried this at 150% or 200% scale? I can't see a reason why it wouldn't work

Absolutely awesome design buddy. You are a champion. Started printing now!

I did this print at 200% scale and the thing is dangerous! I printed some pointed bolts for it and it is penetrating cardboard boxes from 5-7 feet away. It is totally worth the 9 hour print.

Pics or this did not happened!!!

Here you go! (golf ball for scale) Keep in mind, printing this in PLA will cause the bow to lose some of its power over time as it will warp. But it is still really powerful. If you had some carbon fiber infused filament it may help with that.

You will have to print the pegs for the connectors separately. Since it uses 1.75 filament normally to connect the parts together, you can just print a 3.5 MM cylinder and use that. I then used some super glue to keep everything else together. This may not be necessary but I did it anyway.

Also, did you assemble it with 3mm filament or glue or what?

You could absolutely use 3mm filament for the connector pegs if you plan to use glue to hold it together.

I printed with 1.75mm filament but in order to connect the parts together I printed a 3.5mm cylinder (use tinkercad.com for easy shapes) in order to cut up to use as the connector pegs. I then just cut up the cylinder as needed to fit the pieces together. Then I used super glue to make sure everything stayed in place.

Share the bolt 200% file please!! Looks rocky! :D

Here is the bolt for the original size crossbow. Just scale it uniformly to 200% in your slicer program and it should do the trick.

BTW I once saw Thomas Sanladerer doing some tension tests and CF infused filaments were the worst in terms of "resistance".... Would ABS be "safer" than PLA for the bow part?

Thanks for the information!
I am in the process of trying to print the bow arms with ABS. I think it will be stronger and warp less over time. The PLA seems to lose it's strength as it warps. CF filament may not be the best, it would be worth a try unless ABS works well enough.

Follow Up: After trying the ABS bow arms it looks like the PLA arms work the best. The ABS cracks but does not snap when it is bent too much and it loses its form. Therefore it looses it's power. Seems like PLA is the best option.

Impressive! will do it soon.

Could be at featured thing here!

Any ideas why some of my holes are way too small to thread the filament through?

The printer environment or slicer settings may be different for each user.
Check if the nozzle is 0.4mm.

If the filament is not inserted, find something that fits the hole.
Or use a 1.8 mm to 2 mm drill bit.

I hope you do not throw it into the trash because of this problem.
I wish you well.

Of course not! I got it working with a dremel and a little glue.

Thank you for the reply!

does the fillament type matter?

Please use PLA, ABS which is mainly used.
It does not matter.

Can I use something else instead of the filament to connect the parts?

Yes. No problem.

The String does not stay in place if i reload. Any ideas on how to fix this? Im using a thin silicone coated wire as a string.

im using a thicker sewing thread called "bear thread" works awesome!
first i tried with floss but that didn't work at all, strong enought but way to thin (i tried the flat kind)

I recommend changing to a thin fishing line.

What resolution did you use to print?

Please print in 0.2mm.
Of course, 0.1mm is even better.

This is the most impressive and detailed design I've ever seen using 123D design. Is it the usual program you use?

Thank you.
I mainly use the 123D design program. Because this program is very easy.
Many people like this model, so I feel good.

123D design is indeed a very easy to use program. I still don't understand why autodesk stopped supporting it. I'm also using it to design all my models, you really can make everything you can imagine. btw a very very nice design. Like +1 ;-)

this is so awesome! thanks for the video too!

Hi DIYPark I want to print this out in orange and blue or lime green and orange

This is all that I have to say about this... IT WORKS

would it be possible if i could get the design files to see some more details? its a REALLY cool design and i like to see how other people make moving parts

Sorry. The request is not acceptable.

i'm no fan of weapons, but this design is awesome and i had to print it - works great!

can this be scaled up to 200

It is a violation of the license.

Comments deleted.

Anyone try making this with PETG? I suspect it wont work quite as well

This is epic!! Nicely made!!

does anyone know where i can get the stl file for the stand to the crossbow

thank u for the help

Click on Thing Files.

thank you for the help

Great design and build mate, well done ;)

what kind of string did you use for the bow?

It is a fishing line.

I don't know why....
The filament is too big to make connection between pieces !
The slicer parameters perhaps.

[google translator]
The nozzle size is 0.4mm and 1.75mm filament is used.
The hole size of the part is modeled as 2mm.
No problem.
If not, please use 2mm drill bit or super glue.

I think if you designed the holes as 1.75 mm it would make more sense, as this is what we are using to print out the model. Overall it's a great project, well designed and thought out with a great instruction video.

Thanks for you efforts :)

You probably want to make the hole slightly bigger than 1.75 mm. Otherwise you will most likely need to either drill out the hole, or sand down the filament used for the connectors. Hope that makes sense. :)

I think I will try 1.78 mm holes, and just print one fast test piece, to test fit it together.

Thank you for your feedback.

I have made several of these so far, they are awesome! :)
I have had to use a 1.75 mm drill bit to clean up the holes for connecting the parts together with filament.
This is quick and easy, just dont over drill the holes.
I also designed and printed out a bunch of bolts, they are to your specs for the diameter 2 mm and length 58 mm.
They work great! Im going to take a few of these crossbows and a bunch of bolts to work and give a couple to some co-workers.
I hope we dont get in trouble, but its too much fun to pass up! :D

Great design, great model, definitely worth printing a bunch of these!

Thanks DIYPark!!! :D
***** (5 stars)
p.s. I made a new version with an extended magazine that will hold 8 bolts.
Would you like me to share that file, and the file for the 48 bolts here?

I read it well. thank you~
File sharing after modification, scale, etc. is a violation of the license.
If you share, the problem may grow later.
I recommend you use it only for your personal use.

All comments are written using a language translator.
Korean and English are different in word order, so translation is not smooth.
But I hope that my opinion is well communicated to you.

ok I understand. :)

about how long does it take to print all the parts and how much filament does it use? I only have like 100ft (30m) of filament total.

About 3 hours 10 minutes.
About 8.1m filament.

Target was excluded.

Hello. Do you use PLA for this?

Awesome design!
Thank you for sharing.
Have tipped in appreciation.

Kind regards.

Thank you very much~

Where are the mini target files? This thing is a beast!!!!!! I love it!!!

고맙습니다. Thank you. Upload completed.

Cool! I will print and post tomorrow!!

What infill percentage and how many shells should be used for the bow limbs ?

All Parts infill 20% and shell 0.8 mm.

What is the size and length are the bolts that this shoots? It looks like your using a dowel. Nice work on this, it looks great!!

Thank you.
I don't know English very well.
I will use the translator.

It is 1.75mm filament.
A length of approximately 6 mm

I will try re-phrasing what are you shooting (Ammunition, Arrow, Bolt) What size and length

i just made one it uses toothpicks...reeaaly coolllll.............

Did you use supports when printing the bow arms?

No supports for me!!

Looks like he is using toothpicks, which works perfectly well.

How cool is this?? Nice job!!!