Repeating mini crossbow

by DIYPark Dec 22, 2017
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I really liked how thought through this small thing is. I wanted to ask which line you´d recommend if im scaling your pint up to 230%. I´m thinking about a fishing line 1mm thick, since there are no thicker lines.

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Did you move the holes on all the files? I have a bunch of pieces in different colors from a couple months ago. I downloaded the one with bigger holes, and they didn't line up. So I thought, I would try the ones with smaller holes, and still doesn't line up. Are the hole locations changed recently?

The numerical values of the parts were finely adjusted.
I also moved the position of the hole slightly.
It is not compatible with previous parts.

Hey, would you share the construction files? I would like to make a remix to use softair BB´s to shoot

I am having trouble getting the parts to snap together. The holes are too small for a toothpick or filament to fit through, and the front piece requires a hammer to get it to go down, so I am thinking something isn't right with my settings. It just seems like the tolerances are way too tight.

I have tried printing in both PLA and ABS and get the same issues. I am using Cura 4.0 as my slicer and using a 0.12mm layer height.

Would you mind sharing your slicer settings?

It seems that the diameter of the hole differs depending on the assembly state of the printer, the nozzle size, and the slicer setting.
Use drill bits to expand the holes or use materials that match the holes.

The following method is cumbersome. We should help each other.
I uploaded the str file to the attachment. And outputs it to the printer.
And put the filament into the hole. And please tell me which hole exactly fits.

I will then edit the part files and upload them to your comments.
You do not have to tell me if you do not want to.
This comment was written as a translator. I hope you understand.

hi, mine enter in the 2.2's hole.

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Comments deleted.

how long will this take to print?

The total printing time is determined by the setting of the slicer program.
So it is correct to check directly.
I took about 2 hours.

What material should I use? PLA?

Nice! Waiting on my printer to come in. This is definitely going on the list of builds.

One at 125% and the other at 170%. Used darts from someone in the comments section. Fishing line for the cord and it pops holes in boxes at 20 feet

Hello, what percentage should increase, to be able to shoot with 04mm bamboo sticks

[Hint] The thickness in the magazine is 3mm. Bolts should be thinner than 3mm.

how did you print the limb pieces without supports?

All parts are designed so that no support is required.
I already knew there was a problem with this part. It was my mistake.

However, there was a slight problem when printing, but it printed well afterwards. I think that the filaments drawn in the air did not fall down, but the nozzles moved and pulled inward.

I wanted someone to point out this. Thank you very much.
I will fix this part later. There is one important project now.

i wish my sketchup trial was still active or i would give a hand or two on that matter...im currently printing it at 200%

not sure if i can explain well but this is my idea... either rounded on the edge or squared like you have originally, should work better and a round hole to pass the fishing line through

I will fix it later in such a way. Thanks for the idea.

your welcome...glad to help

HEY DIYPark, i made 2 of these and are a blast !! ...Did you sell this idea to a company by chance? I saw metal ones for sale - pretty much identical to yours or concept with the 3 louvers the trigger is different but its just so close i thought maybe you sold the idea and i would say congrats but im not sure if you did.... was just curious..

So I searched.


Is this product?

I was surprised because it was made long before my model.
By chance, parts of the model are similar. /// and the magazine cover are similar. I was surprised to have a designer who had a similar idea.

It has nothing to do with my Crossbow.

Hi there! Thanks for making this awesome design, it looks great! However, it doesn't really work for me because my filament (1.75 mm) is not going into my holes for the outside body. Did you use some sort of tool to ream the inside holes down or something because in the video it looks like it goes in clean.

Please see attached photo. I printed well.
I do not know why other 3d printers cause such problems.

If the filament can not be inserted into the hole, replace it with something that enters the hole.Steel Wire, toothpick, etc. There are many ways.

Thanks a lot! I'm trying it again right now

Lastimosamente days i hace bien working on some upgrades from the crossbow, like an scope and a pulley system. It still needs some fixes. I send Photo. Thanks for the design,its an incredible crossbow

I'm thinking about printing this 2X and modifying the rear clip to be a pistol grip.

Excellent design! But also needed bolts holder to fix it internal.

This is the BEST print i ever download on Thingiverse. U are a really great designer!
Many thanks for sharing this awesome thing! U did such a well job. I love it - printed like a charm and works perfectly - with the first print!

Thank you~\^^/

How much filament does it take

You need about 8 meters to print.

Is there any biger version?

I did not make a big version.

Wonderful stuff :)

But I've got one question! Which fishing line do you use? Can you please send a link or a product keyword, because there are so many different fishing lines with different thickness and also made of different materials?

Thank you!

The thickness of the fishing line is about 0.4 mm best.
The material doesn't matter.

did you use pla to print the arms or abs?

I printed mine but the middle section seems to be too thin.
the print was completed but the trigger middle 1 and middle 2 are too thin for the front/ back.

what should i do?

I do not know. Sorry.

i have the same problem, can you chek the files or maybe send by mail the original ?

in cura click on the model then choose scale on the left hand side, then uncheck uniform scaling, then change the z height from 3mm to 3.7mm

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Love this model! My new favorite 3D printed toy. Excellent work. Easily printed on my MP select mini printed in PLA. No need to glue anything. No supports. 20% infill. Printed crossbow parts in two print runs. Printed one target and stand in third run. Just follow the video instructions for assembly. I did have to slightly ream out the holes to assemble.

Did you guys had to cut through the body's slider? And the holes.... seems like this guy is using filement, but there's no way it can fit it there, those holes are TINY!! Did you have to drill every holes yourself too?

In fact, lets reverse the question. Is there anybody who had it working without that much afterwork?

I have a Lulzbot Taz 6, using Cura3.2.23, if that can help

He is using an Anet A8 so he has 1,75mm filament, you probably have 2,85 or 3mm.

Why the No Derivatives license? I can't imagine all the awesome remixes that could come from this!

I also think this is stupid decision...

What is the length of the largest dimension of the largest part. (I want to figure out whether it will fit on my printer or not.)

The largest is about 120mm.

What mm layer height should I use? and is the string a rubber band or a string?

I recommend 0.2mm layer height.
And that line is fishing line.

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Hi There.

Where do i find the stand and 1 piece limb? This is the only thing i can extract from the zip file:


There is another zip file within that zip file that includes the stand and targets

you wouldn´t find it in the Rar-archive.
it´s my personal creation.

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found the stand, but still missing the 1 piece limb. :-)

It is all in the crossbow_limb.stl file.

Bonjour superbe réalisation, mais je ne trouve pas les fichiers pour imprimer le pied de support ?

Hello super achievement, but I can not find the files to print the support foot?

It is in the zip file.

If you scale it to 1.5 you can shoot with chess chess sizzler ;) xD

also i redesigned the front to have it in one piece (200x200mm bed in diagonal fits easily).
this gives you much more power and doesn´t breake an the weak spot between front and limb.

I'd like to scale it to 150 like you say, but what is a chess chess swizzler?

Can u share it?

Where are you're redesigned files?

Worked for me no supports with PLA at 200C and 55C on PEI bed.
Also something to note, i had to drill the holes with a drill to get the filament through, it was far too small for me. This resulted in a less than desirable structure, the model was a bit loose.

PLA seems to bend well and not snap. I printed my own ammo for this.

Such a great design. Most people i showed it to couldn't believe it was 3d printed. If you want additional power, i recommend installing the bow on backwards and then stringing it. This basically turns it into a recurve bow which causes the string resting tension to begin higher. Didn't seem to damage the bow.

wish i could get it to print correctly. I use Cura and when i print it the holes disappear so i cannot snap it together. cannot figure out why

SOLVED..... was "make overhanges printable"

actually don't worry i worked it out

can someone give me a stand and target stl file please my slicer dosen's use zip files

Then extract the zip files

oh my god ! :-)

What a great design! Thanks a lot for sharing.
I wonder if PETG would be a better choice than PLA or ABS?
Any comment is greatly appreciated.

What a fantastic design! Thank you, I printed as is with ABS and have had fantastic results. shoots toothpicks really well.

I has tryed print it with ABS, and have an issue with body_left and body_right parts - they are curved while printing :(
Printing by Anycubic i3 mega.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Sounds like the ABS is cooling to fast. Don't use a fan and try to keep the part hot with an enclosure if you can.

use a strong glue to stick the plastic to the base and set your heat bed hotter than recommended. other options you can try is to use a raft, but that depends on your slicing software

What kind of ammo do I need to use? I tried using BBQ skewer.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful design!

hello, someone has the STL file for the support of the mini crossbow, thank you

Why hasnt this been featured. It takes only a couple hours and its amazing.

Printing a %250 version of this model. Bought a larger printers so i thought why not. i will reply with my progress. had a little bit of issues with my small one but those were my fault.

By far the best one i have seen.

Anybody tried scaling this down? It looks like I need to scale it to <90% to print it with my Monoprice Mini Delta.

I answered my own question. Successfully printed it at 90%. The biggest drawback so far is that the holes are not the right size to use 1.75mm filament to hold everything together. I just superglued it together, and it seems fine so far. The great thing about this size is that short lengths of filament work great as bolts.

Any versions with ten shot well? Or if this were bigger, detachable clips would be awesome.

It is a good opinion. Expanding the magazine is not difficult.
But I am satisfied with the current design.

hello, someone has the STL file for the support of the mini crossbow, thank you

Here are Arrows for upscaled Crossbow (220%) and a mountstick instead of 1.75mm Filament to hold parts together
U can scale it down to use it in the original scale thing.

Arrow & Mountstick for 220% upscaled Mini Crossbow

where is the stand?

Target and Stand.zip!!!!???

I am about 3/4 of the way through the prints. I cant wait to see it assembled. So far, no problems. Great design!

Amazing design, and it prints great as well. I printed with a “new to me” PLA carbon filament from CCTREE, it has a beautiful surface quality to it. I can’t wait to use it on something bigger.

Amazing design! Keep up the great work!

Would a Q-Tip fit instead of the pre-made ammo?

What is even more exciting is cutting one end off of a toothpick and using that.

Worked for me, left the cotton from one side to keep all the children with two eyes!

I don't understand what's happening, the backcap, the slider and the front parts doesn't fit the body parts. What should be the thickness of the assembled body?

There is a 0.2mm tolerance between the parts.
Depending on the printing environment, this tolerance may vary.

Please try to output at 110% ~ 120% scale.
I recommend using a 0.4mm nozzle.

very cooooooooooooooooool

Anyone tried this at 150% or 200% scale? I can't see a reason why it wouldn't work

Absolutely awesome design buddy. You are a champion. Started printing now!

I did this print at 200% scale and the thing is dangerous! I printed some pointed bolts for it and it is penetrating cardboard boxes from 5-7 feet away. It is totally worth the 9 hour print.

Pics or this did not happened!!!

Here you go! (golf ball for scale) Keep in mind, printing this in PLA will cause the bow to lose some of its power over time as it will warp. But it is still really powerful. If you had some carbon fiber infused filament it may help with that.

You will have to print the pegs for the connectors separately. Since it uses 1.75 filament normally to connect the parts together, you can just print a 3.5 MM cylinder and use that. I then used some super glue to keep everything else together. This may not be necessary but I did it anyway.

Also, did you assemble it with 3mm filament or glue or what?

You could absolutely use 3mm filament for the connector pegs if you plan to use glue to hold it together.

I printed with 1.75mm filament but in order to connect the parts together I printed a 3.5mm cylinder (use tinkercad.com for easy shapes) in order to cut up to use as the connector pegs. I then just cut up the cylinder as needed to fit the pieces together. Then I used super glue to make sure everything stayed in place.

Share the bolt 200% file please!! Looks rocky! :D

Here is the bolt for the original size crossbow. Just scale it uniformly to 200% in your slicer program and it should do the trick.

No matter how many times i try to print this at 100% it always dislodges from the print bed. any suggestions?

Switching to printing one part at a time like in the instructions helped me. I use a heated glass bed and I had to use gluestick also.

Comments deleted.

BTW I once saw Thomas Sanladerer doing some tension tests and CF infused filaments were the worst in terms of "resistance".... Would ABS be "safer" than PLA for the bow part?

Thanks for the information!
I am in the process of trying to print the bow arms with ABS. I think it will be stronger and warp less over time. The PLA seems to lose it's strength as it warps. CF filament may not be the best, it would be worth a try unless ABS works well enough.

Follow Up: After trying the ABS bow arms it looks like the PLA arms work the best. The ABS cracks but does not snap when it is bent too much and it loses its form. Therefore it looses it's power. Seems like PLA is the best option.

beautiful this object, thank you very much for sharing: o
thanks a lot mmarshin for your help :)

magnifique cette objet, merci beaucoup du partage :o
merci beaucoup mmarshin pour votre aide :)

Impressive! will do it soon.

Could be at featured thing here!

Any ideas why some of my holes are way too small to thread the filament through?

The printer environment or slicer settings may be different for each user.
Check if the nozzle is 0.4mm.

If the filament is not inserted, find something that fits the hole.
Or use a 1.8 mm to 2 mm drill bit.

I hope you do not throw it into the trash because of this problem.
I wish you well.

Of course not! I got it working with a dremel and a little glue.

Thank you for the reply!

does the fillament type matter?

Please use PLA, ABS which is mainly used.
It does not matter.

Can I use something else instead of the filament to connect the parts?

Yes. No problem.

The String does not stay in place if i reload. Any ideas on how to fix this? Im using a thin silicone coated wire as a string.

im using a thicker sewing thread called "bear thread" works awesome!
first i tried with floss but that didn't work at all, strong enought but way to thin (i tried the flat kind)

I recommend changing to a thin fishing line.

What resolution did you use to print?

Please print in 0.2mm.
Of course, 0.1mm is even better.

This is the most impressive and detailed design I've ever seen using 123D design. Is it the usual program you use?

Thank you.
I mainly use the 123D design program. Because this program is very easy.
Many people like this model, so I feel good.

DIYPark, are you sharing the plans for the crossbow? I love your model, but I have some issues with the tolerances of some parts.


The tolerance of some parts is 0.2mm.
If you can not assemble because of the tolerance, you can print it by adjusting the scale. For example 105% or 110%.
And Model plans can not be share. I'm sorry.

Thanks DIYPark. I'll try that out by measuring the difference between the hole and 1.75mm filament. IDK why I have such a difference in tolerance (TEVO Tarantula), it is pretty well calibrated.

Honestly it is too bad you're not sharing the design in an open-source world. But okay, that's your call.

123D design is indeed a very easy to use program. I still don't understand why autodesk stopped supporting it. I'm also using it to design all my models, you really can make everything you can imagine. btw a very very nice design. Like +1 ;-)

Same here, 123D design is the best overall program for what I do.

this is so awesome! thanks for the video too!

Hi DIYPark I want to print this out in orange and blue or lime green and orange

This is all that I have to say about this... IT WORKS

would it be possible if i could get the design files to see some more details? its a REALLY cool design and i like to see how other people make moving parts

Sorry. The request is not acceptable.

i'm no fan of weapons, but this design is awesome and i had to print it - works great!

can this be scaled up to 200

Look at above comments, mmarshin did it with success.

It is a violation of the license.

Comments deleted.

Anyone try making this with PETG? I suspect it wont work quite as well

This is epic!! Nicely made!!

does anyone know where i can get the stl file for the stand to the crossbow

thank u for the help

Click on Thing Files.

thank you for the help

Great design and build mate, well done ;)

what kind of string did you use for the bow?

It is a fishing line.

I don't know why....
The filament is too big to make connection between pieces !
The slicer parameters perhaps.

[google translator]
The nozzle size is 0.4mm and 1.75mm filament is used.
The hole size of the part is modeled as 2mm.
No problem.
If not, please use 2mm drill bit or super glue.

I think if you designed the holes as 1.75 mm it would make more sense, as this is what we are using to print out the model. Overall it's a great project, well designed and thought out with a great instruction video.

Thanks for you efforts :)

You probably want to make the hole slightly bigger than 1.75 mm. Otherwise you will most likely need to either drill out the hole, or sand down the filament used for the connectors. Hope that makes sense. :)

I think I will try 1.78 mm holes, and just print one fast test piece, to test fit it together.

Thank you for your feedback.

I have made several of these so far, they are awesome! :)
I have had to use a 1.75 mm drill bit to clean up the holes for connecting the parts together with filament.
This is quick and easy, just dont over drill the holes.
I also designed and printed out a bunch of bolts, they are to your specs for the diameter 2 mm and length 58 mm.
They work great! Im going to take a few of these crossbows and a bunch of bolts to work and give a couple to some co-workers.
I hope we dont get in trouble, but its too much fun to pass up! :D

Great design, great model, definitely worth printing a bunch of these!

Thanks DIYPark!!! :D
***** (5 stars)
p.s. I made a new version with an extended magazine that will hold 8 bolts.
Would you like me to share that file, and the file for the 48 bolts here?

I read it well. thank you~
File sharing after modification, scale, etc. is a violation of the license.
If you share, the problem may grow later.
I recommend you use it only for your personal use.

All comments are written using a language translator.
Korean and English are different in word order, so translation is not smooth.
But I hope that my opinion is well communicated to you.

ok I understand. :)

about how long does it take to print all the parts and how much filament does it use? I only have like 100ft (30m) of filament total.

About 3 hours 10 minutes.
About 8.1m filament.

Target was excluded.

Hello. Do you use PLA for this?

Awesome design!
Thank you for sharing.
Have tipped in appreciation.

Kind regards.

Thank you very much~

Where are the mini target files? This thing is a beast!!!!!! I love it!!!

고맙습니다. Thank you. Upload completed.

Cool! I will print and post tomorrow!!

What infill percentage and how many shells should be used for the bow limbs ?

All Parts infill 20% and shell 0.8 mm.

What is the size and length are the bolts that this shoots? It looks like your using a dowel. Nice work on this, it looks great!!

Thank you.
I don't know English very well.
I will use the translator.

It is 1.75mm filament.
A length of approximately 6 mm

I will try re-phrasing what are you shooting (Ammunition, Arrow, Bolt) What size and length

i just made one it uses toothpicks...reeaaly coolllll.............

Did you use supports when printing the bow arms?

No supports for me!!

Looks like he is using toothpicks, which works perfectly well.

How cool is this?? Nice job!!!

There’s no link to the YouTube clip

Just click the YouTube logo and it’ll open in YouTube. Same with any embedded YouTube video.

Comments deleted.