by tristomietitoredeituit Dec 23, 2017
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How to print this? Did you print with the "shell" the the print surface and then sand down to get a nice finish?

Thanks for your quick reply, it looks fun and easy, I always have a few Pi Zeros kicking about .. Just need to buy one of those damn android phones just to control the robots im building.

Cool! Is there different programs that can flash the rpi with? For example, one that follow wherever u go etc?

I am not sure I understand.

If I want to obtain the STL files for the wheels and the tracks,I have to pay this TUITXY person money? Surely this cannot be true considering you have so graciously provided the files to your fantastic creation to the thingverse users and contributors.

Please help clarify this for me.

How do you attach the IR spots next to the camera? Mine came mounted on small PCBs suitable for beeing screwed to the camera PCB. I can't find a to fit the PCB in the camera holder.

I mounted only the ir covers and thought about using normal leds and ir leds. With some changes in the software it should be possibile to switch to regular light or stealth night vision

Did you use 3x AAA batteries to power this? Do you have a wiring diagram with that and not using a power bank pcb

Why is it so slowly? How can I make it faster?

The one in the video has 60rpm motors, you can mount motors up to 150 RPM with tracks

this bot looks mean. i like it, and want to make once i get the parts. im thinking of a full size pi 3 b for less lag if will would fit. could you provide a link to either the 60 rpm, or 150 rpm motors that you mention. i don't see them in the description.

Hi, here are the motors http://www.dx.com/p/n20-dc-6v-150rpm-large-torque-gear-motor-with-xh2-54-2p-cable-for-smart-car-bronze-silver-425975?Utm_rid=95945498&Utm_source=affiliate (the link was in the description of SMARS, this is only a mod, you need also the SMARS parts to build it). Probably a Pi3b wouldn't fit in the chassis and you should change a lot of parts.

P.s on that site you can find a lot of N20 motors, you can choose 2 under 150rpm for tracks or more speed if you will mount wheels

Do you have a link to the tracks?
It looks like soft TPU or ninjaflex.

It is in the description