Lucius Pattern Warhound Titan

by OldVersions Mar 16, 2014
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Does anyone know why the right shoulder mount is a different size than the left?

Heh, I just asked the same thing.. after gluing together lol

Any suggestions for print settings? Layer heights or the like?

When I try to print some of these files, say the inferno cannon, it doesn't print a base underneath it and the barrel doesn't develop properly. Am I doing something wrong? I'm new to 3D printing.

I had a similar issue, I use cura to create the gcode and found that when using the default "brim" base the travel was ignorning it and the supports and just building a splogy mess, I changed the base type to "raft" and after that the travel sorted itself out and I have printed a few good models with this setting.

try printing with supports if you have not already

I can't recall the exact value, but I think it was within 10mm of the standard lucius pattern warhound titan from forge world.

How large are the individual parts?

The parts were modeled to fit into a 200mmx200mmx200mm build volume. If I recall correctly, the largest part is about 180mm.

the thing i love about this print is that you could buy this from forge world for about 1500 dollars or you could print it for about maybe at most 10 dollars hehe.

For the price of a Forgeworld version of this titan, you could buy yourself one (or two) of many decent quality 3D printers and enough filament to build at LEAST 1 of these, maybe even 5. Its things like this that made me excited to get a 3D printer.

True, but my projected price is in the range of $30 - $45. Basically, you pay the price of one Space Marine tactical squad.

Hehehe...now these could ruin somebody's day....