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Multi-color LCD cover/knob for MK2/MK3

by cipis Dec 23, 2017
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Congratz and thanks for sharing, looks amazing!

Just printed the LCD cover for the MK3 and it works great but the lcd knob is loose. The knob is .1mm larger on the inside then it should be for the Mk3.
Is it possible to upload a mk3 version?

MK3 knob uploaded :-).

What ever happened to your einsy/rambo cover ( )? I wanted to print them both, but the cover is now gone?

Einsy&RAMBo cover with PR logo (multi-material).
by cipis
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This looks really great !!!
Is it also possilbe to print the "dual" parts seperately and then snap the latters into the cover?

Hey i have a stupid question but i wanted to know if i can print this without Supports? Because of the SD slot? Thanks

You don't need supports.

Can I just say that you could print this without a multi-material printer if you made the writing (for example) just one layer thick. Then for the cover for example, print the orange and then without removing that job from the print bed, print the black. You need to arrange for the orange to not be where the nozzle touches during calibration, and you need to ensure that the origins of both jobs are aligned with each other, but if you do that then this should work just fine. See my Christmas bauble or snowman tin for example:

Perhaps I'll produce a remix of this idea – but if I don't find the time, here's the idea anyway in case someone else would like to run with it.



Christmas Baubles (Single extruder multi-colour)
Christmas Snowman Tin (Single extruder multi-colour)

You could also do something similar with the knob pieces. Just align the origins of each job, then (I'm not entirely sure how to do this) make the top of the knob print where the bottom ends.


yes, it can be done, but there is actually easier way to do it with this MK2 cover (well with the original one). Whole "Original Prusa" sign is embedded on the original model. There is bridging on Z0.8 which is closing the letters. So its very easy, all you need to do is filament change on Z0.8 after printing perimeters. It can be done from LCD or by M600 command included in the g-code.

In my opinion, one layer isnt enough (if you need clear color). It will work for black color, but not so good with others.

Looks great! :-)
But could you please loose some words about material, settings and so on?

Print settings added. Its a simple model, no special settings needed. Of course, you need a multi-material printer.