The Nightmare Before Christmas - Diorama

by Mag-net Dec 25, 2017
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Hey, so I can't get that friggin curl to print normally so I cut it in half. Here you go if you want it

What a Nightmare, and right before Christmas also! (easy joke)

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This is awesome! Great work!

Is the moon supposed to be scaled to fit in the circular cutout of the main piece? Mine doesn't fit.

No. It should sit on top of the backdrop.

any tips for how you painted with the silver so it didn't overpower the black? your painting looks fantastic

Thanks! Take a look at this videos...

Search youtube for additional videos if needed. I usually watch a few before I try a new technique. I hope it helps.

Great print! Thank you very much. The only problem I have is with the curl. slic3r just doesn’t do well with the proper supports. Its always messing up the last loop of the curl.. I have tried different settings now about 4 times. Still seems to lose that last curl.

Any suggestions?

I've uploaded a new file called "NBC_Hill_Curl Opt2". It's the fiddly bits that always get ya. Good luck!

Oh that is awesome! That will help I am sure. Thanks for the quick reply!

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Hi ! First of all thank you so much for the great model !

I have a little problem though;
Everytime I try to slice it, Simplify3d stops working and it crashes. Maybe I do something wrong, usually I don't have this kind of problem. I thought maybe someone can help me :)

Are you referring to "NBC Hill cut.stl"? Assuming you are, I've decimated the file and uploaded a lower resolution file named "NBC Hill cut decimate.stl". This is a shot in the dark as I'm assuming Simplify3d is having an issue with part of the original file. Give it a shot and let me know if it slices for you.

Hi there,

Thanks so much for the fast reply ! It turbs out my laptop didn't have enough processing power to slice it. I sent your .stl to my bro and it worked perfectly.

So thanks once again for this cool diorama, I can't wait to show you how it turns out !

Good news. I look forward to seeing it.
Take care

Could you give a rough estimate on how much filament this took?

Should be around 220g.

just slice it, most slicers tell you how much you'll need

Impressive! I like how the more "tactile" feel of a 3D print contributes to this print as well, since it's based on a stop motion film.

Thank you, and I couldn't agree more.

Wow this is beautiful.

hey what fill percentage did you use

Great model man, congrats. What software did you use if i may ask, please?

Thanks. I used ZbrushCore.

How did u do the pumpkins?? they look like "light up"! nice painting!

Thanks. I didn't light them. At this scale the pumpkins are only about 3mm across. I just took a little orange, and mixed it with silver, and dry brushed it on.

Did you lay the hill curl down to print? Awesome job! NMBC is one of my favorites.

The curl very small, so I printed it as shown in the file preview above. I just added supports.

Thanks. Glad you like!

Not bad, how long did it take you to create?

No idea how may hours as these are just things I pick away at. Around a week?

WoW.......Great design !

Crap this is so good I don't want to ruin it with my crappy painting skills. now I need to learn how to paint...

I'm with ya... I tend to make things look worse with my paint:) In this case I just watched a video on how to dry brush paint, printed it with black PLA filament, and use a little silver acrylic paint. That and a little orange mixed with silver for the pumpkins. Give it a shot.

HOLLLLYYYYYY CRAPPPPP!!!!!! this just blew my mind. such an amazing design and thanks so much for the upload!!!

Glad you like, and thanks for doing the Best~Of~The~Week collections! It's really helpful.

This is definitely my next project. My wife will love this, great job :-)

Thanks. Let me know if you have any problems.