Eckstruder for Prusa

by eckertech Jul 24, 2012
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Most of the parts printed ok, but can't seem to get the Big Gear to print right. Sliced with Slic3r at .2mm and .3mm layer height but it keeps leaving out some of the teeth. When first loaded by RepetierHost I get a warning about the file not being manifold. I tried 2 different fixes but they all skip part of the teeth including printing the original file without being fixed. Any suggestions? Thanks

I have just put my Eckstruder into service to replace my Greg Wade that failed me when I made the change from 3mm ABS to 1.75mm ABS. I printed all the parts from this Thing before the Wades totally gave out. This design is great. Lots of fixes for problems with the Wade, Better bearing retention, better hobbed bolt arrangement, better feed for filament after the hobbing point, direct J Head mounting. However there are some problems. The cleanup on the main block is a very tough job, letting Cura or Slic3r add the support material would have made things much easier., The hole for the J Head was not quite deep enough. The idler block plastic contacts the main body before making good pressure on the 1.75mm filament. My solution for this is to order a 8x24x7 bearing LR608NPP to replace the standard 8x22x7 608 bearing. I think that extra millimeter of radius should take care of the problem. I will let you know.


Can I ask a special request?

Could you do a version in 1.75mm with about a 1:3 gear ratio?

I am using this version with a 4mmOD PTFE insert and it works GREAT! but the gearing is a bit high obviously, being a 3mm design - and as such I had to drop down to half step

Is it possible to get the solidworks files for this extruder?

hi, does this work with the jhead? thanks

I will be trying this out with the J-Head... I'll report back on how it goes.

However; I am beginning to be fed up with the J-Head since I've been having issues with the PTFE liner... I will be looking to get a full steel hot end in the near future! (wink, wink...)

I can't help but notice this derivative by Komb; its for the Wallace though, but I think it's worth a look.


Ciao folks

Eckstruder Wallace Edition
by Komb

We use a custom nozzle that we make in house, so I'm not 100% sure. However, I have heard of people using a JHead with the eckstruder but they had to put spacers (washers) in between the eckstruder block and the aluminum plate, just to fill the small gap.

I took the mount holes off before printing to give a flat base, fits my J head fine with a perspex mounting plate.

Do you have a version for the http://reprap-fab.orgreprap-fab.org heaterbarrel (10mm)?


No we don't but we could :). Is the only difference the 10mm hole instead of 16mm? How about depth of the hole? Is it a groove mount? Also, how about the alignment of the mounting holes?

Sorry for all the quesitons but I am not familiar with this hot end.

Well this is the scad part for the reprap-fab hotend

Will you supply your design files?

//PEEK mount holes for http://reprap-fab.orgreprap-fab.org 10mm dia insulator
module peek_reprapfaborg_holes(){

    // Recess in base


    // Mounting holes to affix the extruder into the recess.
    translate([5,0,min(extruder_recess_h/2, base_thickness-2)])

// cylinder(r=m3_diameter/2-0.5,/tight/,h=wade_block_depth+2,center=true);

  translate([-5,0,min(extruder_recess_h/2, base_thickness-2)])

// cylinder(r=m3_diameter/2-0.5,/tight/,h=wade_block_depth+2,center=true);

    //cylinder(r=m4_diameter/2-0.5/* tight */,h=wade_block_depth+2,center=tr


Aha! Took me a minute of back and forth... you removed the quick-fit clip and put the hole back 50mm from the other one... :)

Thanks guys! That should let more people try out your nice design.