MDR XB950BT Hinge Now Solder Less

by Dsk001 Dec 27, 2017
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How do I fish out the original wire form the broken piece?

You either need to unsolder the wire or continue breaking the original broken piece.

Hello Dsk, I appreciate you making a second version of this build that's easier to install. Unfortunately, I've run into a snag with my headphones which are model MDR-XB950N1. The design for the top of the hinge makes it impossible to pull the wire from its cradle. If anyone has tips for how to safely cut the cable out, I'd be grateful to hear them. I'd rather keep desoldering as a last resort. I've attached a photo for reference; the left side of the hinge is chewed up, which is the reason why I want to replace it.

You would have to break the original to get the cable, but keep in mind your model number is different and the hinge part looks different. I'm not 100 percent sure my model will work for you.

Hello, it looks like the main difference between the BT and N1 models is that the N1 hinge allows the earcup to fold inwards. Regardless, it appears that your hinge SHOULD be able to fit on the end of my headband. But the only way for me to find out for sure might involve me damaging the original piece beyond repair. I'll have to see if there are any other options out there tailored for the N1. Either way, thanks for your assistance! :)


Do you still have the full version of the model of headphones to be printed? if so, could you share the stl.
thank you in advance,

yes, could you share the whole thing? One more question is whether the model is comfortable in everyday use?

Unfortunately I do not have those files anymore. I search all over my pc and NAS but I must have deleted, Sorry.
But then again they weren't all that great. They were pretty loose.

I would guess, like most people, I searched this thinking it was a gigantic shot in the dark. You sir are a hero. Thanks you.

Before I made these I searched too, Post pics when done I always like to see when others can get theirs fixed.

My broken MDR have been the reason why i started thinking about getting a 3D Printer in the first place.
Today i was about to start modeling the broken part.
So just in case, i gave thingiverse a shot, well, now here we are, sb. else already did it :D
Thanks a lot for your contribution to "stop buying new things and repair the stuff that is basically completely works, except that one little plastic part, which ist designed to definitely break".

Great Job :)

I'm just so happy it has helped. Actually wish I had more projects likes this.

Dsk001 Please message me if you can help me with my broken MDR-XB950B1.

Why are there 2 hangers? I checked the differences between the two. One is smoother on the top part, but the other has a better wire hole.
Which one would you recommend in terms of ease of install?

It depends on your use case, if you are just replacing the hinge and keeping the original headband then the MDR-XB950 hinge is the one you would use. If you are replacing everything but the ear cup then you would need the MDR-EQ1 hinge.
You can see the difference by looking at where the hinge connects to the rest of the headband, one accepts the swivel of the original, and one accepts the click of the EQ1

So where does the pin go is it between the cork and the top headband? thanks

The pin is used to install the gear on the top of the headband.

Any suggestions on how? I'm struggling to fit the pin in the gear and the top band. Thanks

It's a really tight fit, try sanding the pin a bit. Or reprinting scaling it down a little.

I'll give it a go thanks. Your design is a life saver!

Do you know if these will fit into the MDR- XB950B1? And how did you open the cups to get to the inside?

From pictures it looks to be the same form factor. To open the cups first remove the foam padding. It should come off easy it is not glued in place. Then you will find 4 screws underneath.

any chance that you can create the parts on the other side of the hinge which fits into the hinge itself as 3d object aswell?

The other end is a bit out of my capabilities at the moment. I will keep trying but I will warn you, it took me a few months to get the design to where it is now. Lots of prototype prints went into this.
One quicker solution, I've seen just that part sold on eBay for relatively cheap.

Example: $13