by infectedfpv26 Dec 28, 2017
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Where do you get M3 screws that are 42.5 mm long?

45 mm will be fine

What problems have you been seeing that makes this type of support necessary? Just curious as I haven't gotten my Tornado yet.

I printer standing on its side as shown in the black & white image the designer provided of which has very little support and the finish was outstanding. Fit's the Creality CR-10s without any issues. Thxs. for making the bracket...

Do you recall what length screw you used to connect the dampener to your CR-10s motor. The instructions say to use a 42.5mm but after removing the original screw it looks like it is a just over 32mm. I'm thinking 35mm is what is needed but just wanted to see what worked for you.

Awesome mate!! Nice to know that fits cr10 printer!!! Any tips are welcome ok!!

Just print it like this. Prints just fine.

No, because this piece supports tension, and in that position you favor the break more easily in the union.

Great mate.. it looks really awesome!! So any money tips are welcome hahahha..

I made a flatter version to help eliminate the need for supports. I printed it and it works.


by karram

I'm also waiting for the new model before I print! Thanks.

Same here, decided to hold off until it's remixed.

Strange I don't have the copper plates on my stepper motors. So the back of the stepper is just plain ?

those are vibration dampeners. probably bought extra.

I like this but I have one suggestion. If you shift the piece that attaches to the 2020 it would print flat without supports.

Yeah you are right! i.m gonna update the stl file with that mod.. thank you mate for your suggest

waiting for the new model before I print!