ANYCUBIC Kossel Delta Three PointS Filament Cooler

by Facocero Dec 28, 2017
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why 2 screw holes instead of default ?

I printed this with PETG and it melted during the first print, 220c...
Is there a way to make a bigger version that's thicker and further away from the hotend so it doesn't melt so fast?

Thermally isolate your hot end, as it is radiating heat.

first of all to avoid problems you should print it in ABS, however I printed it in PLA and I had no problem at 220 degrees, probably the thermistor is not correctly positioned in the aluminum block, then the 220 degrees displayed on LCD in reality they are superior.

I printed this in PLA+ , about 30 print hrs ago and all good so far , only printing PLA with it, no issues it works very well, thankyou

Look at the first and second layer, an extreme overhang is there

is it possible to make anther version, where the two outlets (left & right side) are 2mm more away from the heatblock?

Printed in PLA, works like charm, no melting or deforming. Great job

Hey man design looks great can it be printed in PLA ?
Also why does it only have 2x screw holes is it possible to make one that has 4x screw holes similar to the one we get from the box just for extra support?

theoretically it is recommended to print it in ABS. But yes, it can also be printed in PLA... if you will have problems with deformation in the long term, you will reprint it in ABS. do not worry if you only see two screws, the other two screws are superfluous. they are not necessary

did it! Printed in PLA. disassembled it minutes later. melted away. :-(
If anybody reads this before printing: only do it in ABS! PLA will first melt on the outlets (because of thinner material) and then the following prints are badly cooled or even smashed by downhanging plastic.

This air duct should be used to print PLA, then print at temperatures from 180 ° C to maximum 220 ° C, if you print in this temperature range and you have printed the air duct in PLA, there should be no problems, judge from the quality of your prints it is clear that you have a temperature problem, you are printing at too high temperatures or you have a problem with the thermistor of your printer.
However it is recommended to print this model in ABS

Your print quality is very poor. It likely melted because the layers don't look bonded properly.

Thanks mate ill give a try and let you know about the outcome.