Parametric Servo Horns & arms Hitec & Futaba Actobotics Tetrix

by oregondesign Dec 30, 2017
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Thanks for the reply. I wanted to change the parameters inside the scad file using OpenScad application. I used the thingiverse optimizer to generate the servo arm I wanted. Works very well.

But I still wanted a scad file to work for me. I filled in the tooth count of 21, but no preview with the 21 teeth gear. Just a gear with no teeth appeared in the display. I can change profiles by changing the numbers. ( in this case futaba -2f-21t nuber 4). No teeth.

So here is what happen today a few minutes ago. I open the scad file and changed only the profile futaba-2f-21T (number 4) and it worked!!!!

Work computer did not work correctly. But home computer worked correctly. Thank you for the reply.

Hi I just found your thingiverse for servo arms. Thank you. But I do not understand how to use it. I am trying to make a servo arm with 21 teeth. When I change tooth count to be 21, no teeth are shown. Where do I change the tooth count to be seen?

the scad file has lots of comments, set the tooth count to 21, but you'll have to adjust the other parameters accordingly as well.

Nice work. Btw, the spline size settings for Futaba 3F-25T seems to be a perfect match to the metal gear splines on the Tower Pro 966R, printed in PLA with servo head clearance in program set to .3 and printing with .1mm layers. Pretty handy.

How do you use the scad file? I am trying to change the tooth count to 21. Do I have to generate a new tooth array?