Multisensor Case

by cuitlahac Dec 30, 2017
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Just tried to put the guts inside. NodeMCU fits perfectly but DHT22 doesn't. Pins are on the same side as the sensor and don't fit into the cover. your picture shows them on the opposite side of the board. Any suggestions on how to fit the sensor in?

here is a picture of my sensor.

Thank you

take a soldering iron and put them on the other side/ solder the cables directly. Forgot all about that ... had to do that to keep the form

Do they have to be printed vertically? Want to try to avoid need for supports

Nope. Don't know why the models flipped vertically in thingiverse.... just print it with the big flat side facing the print bed.

Funny, I have the same problem. In solidworks I use top view to start with (on this type of project) it is always shows on edge there in thingiverse. Some day I will figure out out to flip it.

P.S. how are the temperature reading? Accurate? Does the heat from the nodeMCU effect the readings?

Yeah, as this is a remix and the original has the same orientation I'll just blame it on the original's orientation ;D

to the question:
First i used the case from Bruh's github page with the sensor internally placed. There I noticed a big effect.
On this case it is afaik not noticable as the sensor is nearly complete "outside". (thx to the original designer)
If you're concerned you could still add some holes to the case (drill / design)

Yep did that. Printed great