Tennis Ball Damper

by pjnovas Dec 31, 2017
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I suddenly feel the urgent need for tennis balls :-)
Maybe I adapt this with a mount for my P3steel

You could make the "arms" longer so that they naturally grab/hold the tennis ball.
Otherwise, if used as shown in the main picture, you could make small holes through the arms to fiddle wire / thread / rubber through, holding everything together.

well, the main idea is to have only the contact of the tennis ball with the surface if the "arms" touch the surface vibrations will travel to it and you will loose the feature. Arms already go through half of the ball, so if you use 2 of these things in one ball you will get both surfaces (machine at the top and table below) hold together through the ball and nothing would go anywhere plus vibrations are catch also (that's what I did on my machine).

Let me know if it makes sense (I may not got what you were saying)

OK let's say I've just recreated this thing in OpenSCAD (quick&dirty).
The first picture shows longer "arms".
The second picture shows a flexible connection between two feet parts

Maybe the second version will create more noise - I haven't tested it due to the lack of tennis balls ;-)

The reason for my proposal is not having feet rolling around through the room when moving the printer (that means, having the feet completely attached to the printer makes sense for me)

oh I get it now but there's a hole in the center of the piece which I used to attach both parts with an screw. In the picture I'm attaching is how ended up installe. it's a pretty big machine and it has been there for 6 month working without moving anywhere. I mean if you use both concentric holes screwed into each top and bottom surface it won't go anywhere and it will live "suspended" by the tennis balls.

I don't know how much vibration you have in there but it shouldn't be a problem, also I'm still not sure why would you want to fix it like that tho.

I think you should print 2 of these and try them with a tennis ball to see it how it works BUT here is the source (Fusion360) if you wanna remix it https://a360.co/2NIRy9t although you do have some skills on openscad you should replicate this in openscad and share it as a remix I would prefer your opensource and customizable version for sure ;)

Hope it helps!

Love these. Very sturdy and love that they can be printed without support. Printed these with highest possible layer height with .4 nozzle (i.e. .33) , 3 peripheries, 20% full honeycomb. Took about 1,5 hr /pcs on my CR10s (conservative speeds/jerk/accelerations).

Will start tuning cr10s' jerk and acceleration today do see how these help towards not upsetting the neighbors ;-)

thumbs up!
post an image/ made if you get some time, I would love to see them

FANTASTIC!, I mounted my Anet A6's on a MDF 1/2" board and put tennis balls underneath using the top only of your print.

It is an amazing difference in noise level!!!

Anyone looking to dampen the noise level, these work very well.

Anet A6, PLA pro, .4mm nozzle, 45m/s 20% fill, 215C nozzle, 57C bed, blue tape, purple elmers.