Dremel Drill Bit Sharpener all in one

by pppet Jan 1, 2018
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I looked and i think it does not take the "relief" angle into account . Ther must be a 4-10 deg releif angel after the cutting edge. If i try to aling a cylinder aliong the lines...it shows no angle ...
Am i right .. if yes.. then it´s useless

If you need a relief angle (freiwinkel) make it on the upper side of the disk or on a corundum grinding tip.

Any chance of uploading one without the numbers on it? I know it can be a pain to remove stuff like that depending on how you designed it...but figured I would ask in case you have a version without them already..

For some reason the numbers just won't print correctly and it starts a spaghetti ball every time and I have to abort print. It would be amazing if I could just write them on later!

Drillbit Sharpener no Font is available
pls leave feedback if it works

Wrong handedness. Will never fit to your Dremel this way.

What are you talking about, watch the Foto

Left-hand thread instead of a right-hand one. Mirroring the object should suffice, but the font will come out inverted.

Wuschel is right. I just printed the Drill Bit Sharpener. It doesn't fit. I have to turn it left to fasten, but nothing happens.

You are right, dont know how this could happend.
the one i printed out is correct????
is changed now !!!

Is the writing on your print inverted? I had this problem on my printer. During construction i inverted the x and y axis

no, the Fonds are normal, maybe i have grouped the parts in the wrong sequence in tinkercad before i uploaded the File.