Stormtrooper Helmet Interior Gear (Star Wars)

by Straeker Jan 1, 2018
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Common sense? hahah this should be interesting.

could these parts go in a scout helmet?

Im super pumped you did this!!! Ive always wanted to build the proper inside to my stormtrooper helmet thank you!

What kind foam did you use in the inside?


Well, in my helmet I've used a piece on foam that was part of a garden chair seat, but you can use a lot of different materials to adjust the fit of the helmet.

Now, if you're referring to the first picture... that's not my helmet, that is the reference picture I've used for the design.

You can also check Aliexpress, there they sell cushion pads for Football helmets, maybe you can use that.


Just a comment on the instructions. That's not how the force works!
but also, THANK YOU, this is a beautiful thing you have designed here. I remember seeing this in a visual dictionary a long time ago, Fantastic!

LOL !!!!

That's where the first picture came, from the Visual dictionary, it was one of my dreams too!

Thanks!! :)

Very cool! Can you still get the helmet on and wear it comfortably with this installed though, or is the helmet just a show piece afterwards?


Yes! you can still wear your helmet, actually you can put speakers and fans, a maybe a mic, into the kit.


I'm printing as we speak... I've always wanted this but could never make it happen.. truly a good start to a new year

I'm glad you've liked it!!

Enjoy your print!!

Would these parts fit it the helmet model that Geoffro made?

Hi, Admiralaxeman,

Well, I haven't personally downloaded the incredible Geoffro's TK helmet, but my kit shoul fit any standar size TK helmet, what you can do is print the helmet, then just print one of my pieces, and from there scale accordingly.

But I think you shouldn't have problems, as you can see, my helmet is a vacuformed one and the kit fit nicely.


Thank you very much, this will be next on my print list.

Thanks for the awesome model

This is absolutely amazing. I'm not even a star wars fan but this is beyond awesome. Makes me want to make this to display because it's a work of art. thanks for sharing this!

Thank you so much!! Happy new year!!

Thank you for this it is amazing

Thanks a lot!! Happy new year!!