Raspberry Pi Camera Stand

by atleberg Mar 17, 2014
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Unfortunately, it does not fit my cam : from screw holes to lenz. Wasting PLA for me... Good design through.

Just printed, i have to say pretty much flawless. The only improvement i would suggest is the back cover...i would design it so it sticks better to the front box.

What is the actual height of the camera when mounted to the camera stand?

The height (center lens) shoud be 56 mm.

Doesnt fit a v1.3 camera. the Lens on the camera doesn't fully peep through the hole in the case.

Thanks for the feedback! I've updated the info text with this information. I'll try to revisit the design soon.

Exactly what I needed. Nicely done!

I too found that mount cylinders were too big for the camera holes. I'll try cutting the bottom half off with a dremmel/multicutter.

Strangely, the lid fitted perfectly so not sure why the holes came out wrong.

Other than that, very nice design, thanks.

Thanks for a nice simple design. When I printed mine the back case didn't fit. Rescaled it to 101% and the reprint fit perfectly.

Cheers! Good to know. Did you scale the lid up or down? I'll probably revisit this design and make it more printer friendly - since I've gotten some feedback that the lid doesn't always fit.

Comments deleted.

I designed a simple cylinder to raise this to the correct height for use with a Prusa Original i3 MK2 printer:
Raspberry Pi Camera stand pylon

Raspberry Pi Camera stand pylon

is this for the v1 or the v2?

My V2 Raspberry Pi Camera fits in it just fine

I made this one for the v1 camera. AFAIK the dimensions are almost the same between the two modules, but I haven't tried it yet myself. Let me know if you do :)

It it me or is this latest CAD upside down? I printed this out the part that holds the camera requires me to put the camera in with the ribbon cable out the top, otherwise the lens hole doesn't match up. So did something get changed or is it just me on a Wednesday?


The only thing I did before exporting the new models was to import the inventor file into Fusion 360 before exporting so the model hasn't changed in any way. To be sure I just did a test where I imported the original STL file into the same project and they match exactly.

I haven't heard anything about a change in the design of the camera, but who knows...

I had to modify the design a bit since the 2 mm pegs were a bit too large to fit into the holes on the camera PCB board. I made them 1.5 mm in diameter which leaves a bit of wiggle room. The ideal size is somewhere in between.

Thanks for the feedback! I haven't had any issues with that myself, but I've noticed slice settings might affect tolerances.

Yeah, I had to trim them a bit, too. One side just fit, but the other didn't, and I didn't want to force it. Also, I didn't have the right bolt, so I made those holes a bit bigger (with a dremel: Build first, measure second...)

I've added the design files (.f3d and .igs) so you can change the tolerance. The lid has a tolerance of .25mm at the moment - which works great for my printers combined with PLA. I haven't tried ABS, but I've seen people using a higher tolerance of .3mm for ABS parts.

Thanks for the f3d files!! I had already started another one from scratch as, like you said, trying to edit STL files is not something I have mastered. Your design is almost what I needed so the design files will help me get there faster. Thanks again. Well done.

Thanks and good luck!