Keychain Pill Bottle V2

by varind Jan 2, 2018
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Thanks for including the fusion file. Shrank the bottom to make it smaller and put on a name.

My 3rd print. Worked great first time (Monoprice select mini). I'd like to make sure it's watertight by adding an O ring...

I printed it with 0.1mm layer height, and the result looks really good. Unfortunately I can't get it together more than a rotation of about 90 degree... I even applied some oil but it didn't help.

Interesting. The tolerances are probably different for your printer then they are on mine. I'd suggest messing with your extrusion multiplier. In Cura this is Flow Rate. Maybe try 95% or less. I hope you get the parts together. It seems to work for others, but I'd be happy to modify the model if you have any suggestions.

If you can, please post a make of the non-working print so we all can take a look and try to guess what's not meshing. Thanks!

Good idea! I already was thinking about lowering it, since I suspected over-extrusion a little.
In the mean time, I have fixed the issue by using "schuurmiddel" (Dutch) or Cif, some kind of liquid abrasive cleaning-product. I just put it on the screw and moved it a few times and now I can rotate it with ease! There is still a 0.5 mm gap, but that may improve over time by wear as well.

Unfortunately, the container appears to be too small for my intended purpose, but it is still a very nice product. Thanks!

Nice Design. Used Cura and stretched just the Z axis to 200% which increased the storage capacity without making it too big. Flipped the cap upside down and rotated it 45%. Used supports and it prints perfect using a Creality CR-10s.

Made a couple of these for the wife an me. Work really nice and the lid (1) can be opened easily enough when needed and (2) doesn't open by itself, like some of the slide-door pillbox designs here on Thingiverse. Nice design, simple and effective.

The thread was very tight and would not go on. I did print it at 300 micron height which was not what was recommended. So do not do that.

This version holds 5 round 200mg Ibuprophen :-)

Took a bit of clean up on the cap threads to get it to close all the way, but easy enough with a sharp blade.