Dr Boo's CR-10 Squash Feet

by DrBoo Jan 2, 2018
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Just put these with some double yellow dot squash balls on my CR-10s5 and the noise is reduced by easily over half. I had some pretty major ghosting before so I'll reply with how much it has reduced it.

did it help with the ghosting at all? im trying to decide if i wanna print these or not

Just wanted you to know that I printed this for my CR-10s 400 and it went on a treat. Piece of cake to install using existing bolts and T nuts to replace the current feet. The bolts were slightly snug but that really helped because it made getting the T nuts on easier. I don't know if links are allowed but these are the balls I got off aliexpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Squash-Ball-Two-Yellow-Dots-Low-Speed-Sports-Rubber-Balls-Professional-Player/32817702700.html
THANK YOU, very much

These are a "must-do" upgrade as it makes a lot of the noise and table vibrations disappear. Add this mod to the control box 120mm fan base update and your noise problems are over. And they just look cool if you print them in a layered color look.

Anyone using these with an ender 3? My printer is wobbling quite a bit and this is affecting my prints.

I have them on my Ender-3, and they are working very well. No sign of print quality issues - a slight improvement if anything. What sort of issues are you seeing?

Thanks for your answer. And before I forget again - thank you for your design!

I moved the feet closer to the edges (in place of the rubber pads) and I'll print something to check if it still wobbles. Perhaps, this is due to my acceleration and jerk settings on cura. If I may ask what are you settings? Thanks!

The feet should be at the edges as far from the center as possible - this gives the best stability. As to the acceleration/jerk, all I can tell you is that I have never played with them, so they were originally the default values for the firmware. I am now using klipper though, and I think this firmware does play with/modify those significantly.

Again, thank you for your help!

I tried the feet today again and they were superb, no wobbling!

Would these work on an Ender 3? ie, can they mount on M4 bolts and t-nuts in the rails.

Also, has anyone tested different ratings of squash balls (2yellow dot, 1 yellow dot, blue dot, red dot, etc) to see which has the best sound dampening properties? I'm curious to see if a green dot (high alt) ball would be best.

I want to modify this for the Railcore printer. All it will require is making the plate bigger in one dimension so it's square, and moving the holes a little. What would I be obligated to do, if anything, to get permission to make this available to other Railcore users?

Go for it. I am happy for you to modify as required, and release to other users.

Very much appreciated. Will continue to include your name.

Printed great in PEGT with solid infill and used double yellow dot squash balls. Much quieter. I printed T-nuts https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2810788 with the addition of M4 nuts and bolts to mount on my CR-10 Mini. Thank you

T Nut M4 2020

Be very careful, the design is quite weak as I broke one of the balls off the base trying to remove it from my build surface. Needs some reinforcement.

Did you print solid, or with infill? The design can be weak if you use infill. It is strong in the vertical which is where the actual forces apply during usage. I think a solid version might be best for you. It was not designed to have lateral pressure applied trying to remove it from a build surface!

Oh I agree it will be fine in for vertical forces. I was more warning for removal...the 800 lbs gorilla trick doens't work.

These are an absolute game changer! Next to bed adjustment knobs these might be the second best mod you can possibly do.

Only one small recommendation. I used M5 t-nuts to mount these and to do this I had to ream the holes up to M5. It would be cool if there was an M5 sized hole option. This might have been a shrinkage issue but I printed these with PLA so I doubt it.

Other than that these are awesome!

What is the name of the pictured squashed ball?

Generic brand, it doesn't matter. As long as it's a "squash ball" as in a ball for the game of squash. Double-yellow dot, but a single yellow or even a red would be OK.

What size screws work with these? Thank you

I've uploaded a replacement which has customisable screw hole sizes (default : 4 mm) and tolerance (default: 0.4 mm) to make it easier to insert the screws.

The holes should be 4 mm diameter, but there is no tolerance there, so you may find a 4 mm screw is tight. Drill it out or adjust the included .scad file to use larger holes. The answer is really "whatever screw size you want" provided you can use OpenSCAD.

Just printed and installed these on my CR-10 with double yellow squash balls.

My CR-10 feet only had three holes/bolts per foot. I had two extra bolt/t-nuts so I just used the three bolts on the front two feet (two on the center frame and the single on the front corners). The two back feet I used my extra bolts so they have all four support points.

Also, the holes were smaller than the ones on the stock plates and the bolts fit very tightly, forcing me to "screw" them through the plates. It made it slightly tougher to install, but ended up working just fine.

That being said, THESE ARE AWESOME! Between installing these and vibration dampers on the x and y motors, my printer is printing at it's all time best, is considerably more quiet, and the "jerk" of the printer frame is significantly reduced. Thank you!

mine also has 3 screws. Im still printing my squash feet at the moment but I'm having a hard time visualizing how you set yours up? Did you end up drilling a hole for the 3 middle screw? Or did you edit that in the scad file?

would these fit the tevo tornado ?

These definitely make a difference on my printer - vibration to an absolute minimum. The only gripe I had was the holes could do with being a little further away from the 'socket' for the squash ball. It wouldn't make a difference to stability but would make it easier to screw the screws in etc :)

These feet, plus anti vibration mounts on the steppers and a couple of fan replacements - I can't even tell if the printer is running from just one room away.

This is a very easy change to make, because the original SCAD file is included in the files you can download. Just shift the hole positions as required, and re-generate the STL.

Ah thanks - to be honest - I just dropped the STL into cura etc - didn't even think to look at the other files. They printed fine and they're fitted now so I'll not be printing them again :)

Do I use red dotted balls or yellow dotted balls? What would work the best?

Most use the double-yellow dot balls, as these are the "slowest" with lowest pressure. The idea is that they are more likely to dampen vibrations. That's untested but that is my belief, also.

Thank you for so quick reply. The local sport shop here says the options are these - from most bounce to the least bounce - blue - double yellow - red - yellow.. they are wrong ?

They are completely wrong. Double yellow is the slowest, least bounce. Go with those.

Thank you !

Do you think this would work as well with racquet balls? I ask because those are readily available and fairly inexpensive where I am but finding squash balls is harder. I have held both but not at the same time and it's been a long time. The squash ball seemed denser so I'd worry the racquet ball might be a bit too cushy. But I might just try it anyway. I realize I need to adjust the design for racquet ball size (no problem there, I like/use OpenSCAD -- thanks for including your file).

No, I don't think it will work as well with racquet balls. The reason is, squash balls (especially yellow-dot) do not bounce well at all. They are effectively dead-flat. Drop one from (say) a couple of metres height, and it might bounce few centmetres. The only bounce once they've been warmed up by really vigorous hitting. The colour of the dots indicate the pressure inside the ball, and hence the bounciness. Yellow-dots are for professional players and bounce the least. The whole point is, low pressure to do the best job of dampening vibration. I suspect racquet balls are quite bouncy, certainly much more so than squash balls. So I doubt that they will work as effectively.

Nice enhancement. How much higher than stock does this make the printer stand? I have a shelf not far above my printer and want to ensure I can still sneak under it.

Currently measures 60 mm from the table to the top of the railing. I don't know what stock was.

Just as an FYI my stock height from table to top of the front rail is right at 38mm.

Thanks for the remix.

Love the two tone colour and the explanation on how to implement it.

I have a question about how you have mounted these. On my CR10 Mini I have a single rubber foot on each corner, Does your machine have four mounting points already or have you added extra hardware?


Seems you guys have each feet mounted in four points - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2556056
Will look at remix'ing your item

CR10 Stabilization Feet
by sen2two

I don't know about the mini, but on the CR-10 it also has a single rubber foot on each corner. But that foot is attached to a rectangular plate with 4 screws in the corners. Those screws/nuts are re-used for this implementation. Perhaps the Mini is the same...? In any case, the holes are spaced for the grooves in the rails, so all you need is the 4 screws and t-nuts to install this.

Speedy response. I posted an edit without seeing your reply.

I will see what I can hackup.