CR-10 - PRO Upgrade Kit

by TAGE_FPV Jan 2, 2018
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CR-10s5 users: Even though many CR-10 parts don't care about the exact model, the bed level dials are not compatible. They are too big because the s5 has two bed rails instead of one down the center.
The 35mm file on this kit is about as big as I've been able to find that fits.

Locking CR10/S4/S5 Bed Leveling Knob

Cosmetic mods for yet an other piece of junk !

The best selling and most appreciated "piece of junk" on the market. Glad I didn't pay 300% more for a printer that performs 10% better than the CR-10.

Super intelligent comment. Thanks for your input.
Looking at your setup I can see why you'd comment this.

Also, it seems you are notorious for a couple of things on here:

A) Stealing designs - See: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2254545/#comments
B) Trolling because you're unhappy with yourself - See: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1830451/#comments
C) "Engineering": https://www.thingiverse.com/MKSA/designs

You are apparently pretty famous around here:

All signs point to mentally ill.
Have a nice day!

Dremel protection
Prusa Z axis, so many problems yet one simple solution !

Contrary to your mod, mine are SMART, SIMPLE (although they require a brain and ability to understand and make), EFFECTIVE and PERFORM !
The thing you accuse me of copying is based on the same grinding wheel protection used for a century. Same base, same aspect. People downloading it are happy. Tell them they can't use it anymore :)

ALL my critics are justified. The "things" (NOT design) I criticized miserably FAILED and most of the time no one made them, not even their "inventor".

I PROTECT people from WASTING their time and money for junk ideas !

I SERVE in the sense I warn about QUACK "inventor" and SNAKE OIL salesman (they are some here !)
I bring far more than I take from here (in fact close to nothing just the confirmation of the failure of the education system in science and technology).

Sad thing but when I compare to years back, Thingiverse has gone down the drain when it comes to 3D printer. Just useless, kid stuff if not gross design errors.

SHow me ONE unjustified critic and I will correct it.
In the meantime, I let you to your "designs" of fan holder, lamp holder, spool holder, filament guides etc...

PS: THANKS for pointing to some of my things so people can judge and implement them :).
Please send the TIP to Wikipedia, I don't need any money.

God damn chill

You sir were worth clicking on to read all about an ego that would make Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison green with envy.

I appreciate your modesty that can be seen in the things you published !
And your stupidity to see the kid's stuff published here as "improvements" !

And of course for missing my "allusion"


Anyway, go and print a big "banana" and put it where it fits best.

MKSA are you now the Thingiverse police? Will you be saving us from Bad Prints? Overhangs? Shoddy models? Are you Judge we need at this time and moment of crisis?

this is hilarious

the atmosphere must be thin up there way high on your pedestal - careful with hypoxia