Monoprice Select Mini mount/Sleeve Case for Raspberry Pi B+

by teejschmitz Jan 3, 2018
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I printed this on the monoprice selet mini and a raspberry pi 3 B+ doesn't fit. I can't scale it up because then the holes won't be in the right place. According to Cura the dimensions of this are X - 70.002 MM, Y -- 33.974, and Z -- 85.8 MM. Does this sound right? My calipers show it printed pretty close to that, within 0.5 MM or so.

Looks like the design doesn't take into account a heat sink on the main chip. Is anyone else using a heat sink with this case?

I'm not using a heatsink with my Pi, so that's probably the problem. You could probably add an offset to account for that if you wanted :)

I removed the heat sink and got the PI in there, then used some wire snips on the grill enough to get the heat sink back on. Might not need the heatsink but better safe than sorry I guess.

Also, the newer PIs have pins for a PoE hat on it and those pins get bent when being pushed into this case. I would imagine this case was designed before the PoE pins were added. No biggie, I have no plans to use PoE and the pins are easy enough to straighten up if I ever take the pi out of the case.

This case works great and makes the PI look like it is an original part of the printer. Great design!

Thanks. Glad to hear you got it to work with the heatsink! I just took my favorite parts of other's designs and smooshed them together to be exactly what I wanted, so most of the credit should go to the original designs. I do use POE, but with an external adapter right now, I can't wait to get my hands on a Pi with the POE hat one of these days :) when I get one with the pins, I'll try and make allowance for the pins!

It's cool that this really is held is place simply by the fit!

Although I ended up being unable to use this model as I'm using the PiCam with the Pi. While there is a cut-out for the ribbon to travel through, it's impractical: You cannot dock the cable to the Pi and then slide it into the sleeve; it is too high with the cable attached. You also cannot first load the Pi into the sleeve and then attach the flex cable - when you slide the Pi into the sleeve, the clearance is low enough that it pushes the locking clip back down so you can't slide the flex cable in. You can fuss with some fine needle-nose pliers to pull it up, push the cable in, and then lock the clip - but then you're not getting the Pi back out of the sleeve!

I agree that the hole is really small for getting that ribbon cable in. I have seen some make it work, but I can't imagine it's easy. Do you think making the hole larger would help?

I think I could get the ribbon in (with a lot of effort) but not back out - I wouldn't be able to remove the cable or slide the RPi out.

I do think a larger hole would help. I'm newish to printing and haven't gotten around to learning how to manipulate objects. I'm trying to stop being lazy and I'm learning how to open the hole up in TinkerCAD right now.

TinkerCAD is definitely a great place to start - I just uploaded a version labeled "Raspberry Pi Mount MP Select Mini - better cable access" that has a much larger cable hole access.

Oh wow, thank you so much! I was off learning the basics of TinkerCAD while you did that! Thanks for the update. It looks like support would be needed in the window now, do you think?

Also, would you mind peeking at my remix to see if it's obvious if I've messed anything up? I'm printing it now...

Your remix looks great! Of course the proof in in the 3D printing - I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Thanks for the reminder, I put up pics!

To be honest I was sceptic about the fact the Pi will be only hold by friction. After printing it and putting the Pi in it, I'm really impressed. So if you're like me and have some doubt, you should not ! Thanks a lot !!
There is only one thing missing and I forgot to add it. Between the 2 holes for the screws it would be nice to have a cable holder for the USB power cable.

Can someone here explain what the pi is for. I feel like I may be missing something great.

I use the pi for running a program called OctoPrint - https://octoprint.org/ . It allows you to control your 3D printer over the network. I definitely recommend checking it out!

Thanks! I've been meaning to add a hole for the LED, so you can see if the Pi is powered on, and I'll have to look at a cable holder too!