by RenatoT Mar 18, 2014
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Printed it with 100% Scale. First use, the cracker did not work: the friction of the thread increased when the pressure increased while using it with a nut. I put some butter on the PLA Thread which lowered the friction and the power needed to crack the nuts.
I will post a "made" later. Thanks for this!

Nice Construction. The Screw can be a little bit longer.
It is not so good for hazelnuts, most of them are to hard :(

Does anyone have a modified screw that's longer? this one has troubles getting hazelnuts and other small nuts

i'll modify it to make the screw longer.. :)

I printed it at 81% size (my build volume can't exceed 71mm in the Z direction), and I doubled the radius of the knob (so I could get a better grip on it, and give it more torque). Mine was printed in PLA at 30% infill. It seems to work fine with softer nuts, but a harder nut caused the knob to snap off. Then with the built-up pressure the nut cracker body spontaneously snapped in two, about 10 seconds later. It looks like if I'm going to keep using PLA, I certainly need more infill for it to be solid enough to work well.

cool ! finay dont have to brak all of m teeth to open a nut :D i like it

wonderful?I like it

Didn't work out too well hollow, but still amazed that it held shape.
Going to reduce to 85% as suggested and try at 25%

Probably should be done a check on the printing parameters.
What's the problem? Does not fit the screw in the nutcracker?

What about layer hight?

0.2, standard Replicator 2 resolution.

Oh, by the way. I forgot to mention that I printed this on a raft, just to help stabilize the final product, it does have a relatively small base compared to its height and circumference.

I reduced my print by about 20% and used the 'solid' setting on my CUBE. That means it is about 80% filled with material. It seemed to be just fine. It is slower to crack nuts with this than using a metal nut cracker, BUT it is definitely easier on your hands. I will put a picture up for you! Nice job.

I printed the 2nd 2 shells and 25% fill and to is Ok. The 10% filled (the one you see in the picture) suffer a bit of deformation of the bottom screw. At 25%, and we use it all days, no deformation.
80% is solid so is better for sure.

thanks :)
What are your infill and shells settings?
Did you printed it at 100% scale? I have one a 80% with 25% infill that work very good.

I printed one of these crackers on a CUBE. It came out very nicely, and I am pleased to say, works quite well...at least on walnuts, pecans, and filberts (hazel nuts). Nice job!

Can you share an image to see how is printed on a CUBE?