TS100 Soldering Iron Case & Tip Holder

by AustinSaintAubin Jan 4, 2018
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Any chance you could make a TS80 version of the lid?
The TS80 actually fits perfectly into the bottom part, but the lid (besides having the TS100 text :) ) doesn't fit for the TS80 tips.
Some measurements for the lid:

  • The clips on the left can stay in the same position, but should accommodate a cilinder of 8.4mm diameter
  • The clips toward the middle of the lid, should be moved 16mm more toward the middle, and should accommodate a 3.8mm cilinder

I've attached a picture for illustration. I gave it a shot myself but I only have tinkercad skills and I can't make something that looks nearly as nice as your design.

Oh, and while you're at it, it would be awesome if you could add a USB cable holder, either in the right part of the lid, or in the left part of the bottom. Some kind of construction that holds a USB-A male plug, and a couple of hooks to wind the cable around, and another holder for a USB type C plug.

I will gladly print and test-fit any prototype designs if you want me to.


Download and print the test files here: http://files.austin.st.aubin.io
Let me know the results.

Thanks for looking into this!
I'm looking at the updated top part, but I think I was not clear enough in my explanation, my apologies.
The distance between the 2 clips should be 52mm, so the right clip (when looking at the top as if you were in front of it when the case is open) should move to the right. You have moved them to the left instead.
Also, the whole case seems to be a little smaller in general, is that correct/intentionally?

Made a few minor changes. http://files.austin.st.aubin.io
The case can change size based on the input... it dynamically sizes based on the size of the items in it.
Help me get the proper dimensions on the tips. See: http://files.austin.st.aubin.io/TS80%20Soldering%20Tip%20-%20TS100%20Soldering%20Tip%20v0.2.png

Print of v0.2 is finished, see pics here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/w7tB7G6zF7PGGv4R7
I The right clips for the tips need to move to the left a bit, but it seems you've already done that in v0.3.
Also, the right clips are really tight, I was surprised I didn't snap them when pressing in the tip, but they're really tight compared to the TS100 clips.

Printing the v0.3 lid right now

thanks, this looks better, printing it right now, will report back in ~3hrs
I've attached a copy of your tip drawing with the correct measurements written in red next to the wrong ones

Updated the drawing in Onshape. See attached and files at http://files.austin.st.aubin.io
I think that I might need to widen the case, might be too close to iron.

I added the printed v0.3 top to the shared album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/w7tB7G6zF7PGGv4R7
Position of the clips is perfect now, only thing I would change is make the small clips a little looser, and maybe the big ones just a tad tighter. I broke one of the 2 small clips off when pushing in the tip, the other is fine but really requires a lot of force to put in the tip.

Lengthwise: I don't think the case needed to be longer, but as far as I'm concerned you can leave it like it is now.

@VYRUZ1986 I updated the design. Made it slimmer and improved the clips.
Please print, test, and let me know the results.

Sorry for the late reply. The fit for the tip is perfect now.
One detail you might want to change, the TS80 does not require hex screws to lock the tips in place (it's just plug-in 3.5mm jack), so you might want to remove the hex wrench and screw holder in the bottom part, if you publish this as a separate model.

Thanks a lot for your work!

Thanks for the tips & tip.
Boom: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3377354

TS80 Soldering Iron Case & Tip Holder

Haven't actually printed it yet, but it looks promising! The parasolid files are a great addition!

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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why do you suggest PETG?

PETG will bend wiout breaking, so the clips will lasts longer. PLA still works, but clips that hold the tips and iron might break.

Just printed this (twice). I do not recommend printing this in PLA. The pieces holding the extra tips immediately snapped on first use.

I reprinted in PETG, and now it works just fine. Now I just need to source some magnets.

This Onshape CAD looks promising, I'll surely take some time to study it. It is free for hobbyists, as I understand, right?

Ya, its free. With the limitation that the free account can only create public designs

Great case! Could you say its exact dimensions?

179mm x 38.6mm x 25.8mm