Maze Subwoofer

by Deshojo Jan 4, 2018
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Thats an awsome box...is the cover plexi-glass or clear filament? heres a thought.. print a second box just for full range speakers aswell and secure the box to the bottom of the sub box, basically stack the boxes.. im looking for a full range travel speaker with good sound.. think i may give it a try.. please tell me what you think..im all about sound, do alot of custom woofers for cars.. im still new to 3D printing and especially 3D rendering.. so i rely on my fellow thingiverse friends for guidance and files.. it would be nice to replicate my photo attached as a 3d print scaled down of course.. thats one of my projects.

The covers are plexi-glass. You could use this design for the bass and small full range drivers for the mids and hights. This small drivers would only need smal very simple housings. Or two of thise with full range drivers.
But I would use my other Subwoofer design for a travel box. It's smaler and sealed

Did you ever try it with a full range speaker? If so how was the sound and bass?

Not yet, but I'll try that soon.

Ok thanks! BTW that was a really fast response time!

Great Idea! You mention this is the largest your print bed could handle. --- Consider for larger applications, printing the complex curves and bends in multiple pieces and join them with straight MDF panel section for the straight parts. When everything slots or dowels together for alignment, and epoxy bonds and seals up, you have no size limitations.

For larger scales I would print only a few stencils and mill everything with the router. You could also print only 1cm of the middle part and use it as a template for the router to make a wooden version.

looks nice, how many kilos of filament does it take?

Depends on the print settings.
I would recommend to print as massive as possible. Thick walls, tight infill.
If you do so, you might need 1kg ore more.

I had the Idea to print only the walls without the infill and sidewalls, and fill it with clear resin. That would save filament and should look great, if i can get the resin real clear.

Alumilite Water Clear is pretty good stuff if you want it really clear.

Hi. What the speaker model you use for this construction?

If I had to guess, the picture of the red enclosure looks like it uses this Tang Band 3" driver. @Deshojo, can you confirm?

I have one of these drivers laying around that needs a box, thanks for the design!


Yes, that is the driver I used.
But there are a lot of other drivers you could try, like the Dayton Audio ND91, ND105 or AuraSound NS3-193 etc.
The idea was to print different mounting plates to play around with different drivers.
Maybe I will try one of the better 3" full range drivers with my next print.

So, how does it sound?

Not bad at all.

Nice deep base.
The print sould be as massive as possible to avoid resonating.

With a DSP and some EQ tweaking this sub could reach down to maybe 35-40 Hz. Thats a lot for such a smal sub.

Would be interessting to test this thing with a full range speaker and tweaking it with the DSP.

have you used an app for dsp or a dsp hardware? Currently i am looking for amp board with dsp.

I use a sure ADAU1701 dsp kernel board and Equalizer APO for my PC.
Room EQ Wizzard and a Umik-1 for measurment.