Thanos (Avengers: Infinity War version)

by Byambaa Jan 4, 2018
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Love the model. Hate that I've had 5 failed prints using S3D. The longest was 7 hours in. Seems to be just a S3D issue. anybody else able to print using S3D?

I love the look of your model, my Son in a major Avengers fan, so i wanted to print this for him. And in Meshmixer, it looks fab, however, no matter what i try to do, in Cura it refuses to see the object, and cannot slice, i get a shadow of the plinth and thats all. I checked surfaces and also shells and all are good, (there were two small areas which Meshmixer thought needed repair, Im guessing very tiny infils not connnected, so a little OVER THE TOP on meshmixer!!)
Does anyone have any ideas? Or perhaps another upload with a CURA compatable file?

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Man your model is awesome, great job !
M made a time lapse video of the print :) if you want to check it out here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWJ_5bYokeA

The model is pretty awesome. I love it.


Looks exacly linke Thanos in the movie...
Your designs are legendary anyway...
Gould you please also make a funko pop bobble heads of thanos or other guardians oft the Galaxy? Would be very nice...

Hi I cant see it in cura it slices but nothing to see I really want this model

I have the same problem: I'm using Cura 3.3.1 and the model can be sliced but does not appears.
So it's impossible to see it and to check supports or so. For so many hours of printing, not ideal :)

Any chance someone knows why, and/or how can we solve it ?

Thanks a lot in advance...And big thanks for this beautiful piece !

Great model, was just wondering what software you used to make it, and if you had any tips on using it, thanks!

Hello, thanks. And i use ZBrush and Maya for modeling.

i am currently printing this, and it has this weird texture, is that normal? here's a failed print that turned out the same.

just printing now, seems like the surface does have a weird texture, doesn't look bad though

Does not look normal to me. Maybe your layer height is too much?

Hi! Awesome model. Can I post a remix of this?

My printer has a volume of 200x200x100 mm³. I want to print it with 180mm tall. Where and how (angle etc) would you recommend me to split it? If you could do a splited version i would love this design even more!
Thanks a lot!

Hello, i never thought about splitting it while i was designing it, maybe you decide this time?

Just wanted to say thanks again for making and sharing this file with everyone! I made a little video on the print here:

Thanks man!

Nice model, nice detail. May I suggest an improvement or ask why you included so much of the thorax? The model could be shorter and use less filament if it stopped at the end of the neck armour plate area.

Best Regards.

Busts look better with tall plinths. With short plinths to nothing, i feel they look as if they just not cared and cut.

This is absolutely amazing! Any chance you'll do any of the other characters?

Using Slicer ... not sure what to click in the support tab to get a better print under the chin .... i did enlarge it too. But the chin comes out shreddy. Suggestions?

Same here. Any chance a few guys could share their support settings in Cura 3.3.1 (I use a CR-10s). Everything prints fine without any supports except for the Chin. My print of the chin comes out bad and support is stuck to the chin itself. I followed the 75degree angle suggested above but still no success (I did scale down the model for my first trial). Thanks Byambaa. This is a great model!

Same issue here! Using Cura 4.1!

Printed very well using supports at 75 degrees on cura only needed a few and turned out very nice!

here's a timelapse - https://youtu.be/Effapt4ipII

I'm using Cura with Supports at 80%, Touching Everywhere, Support Z Distance 0.3mm and Support X/Y distance 1 mm.
Support got broken reason why, 99% of the model printed well, excepts the chin

Anything but Black Panther will be greats, I’ve got the SANIX BP if you wish I could send you a link for the files for educational purposes of course and if you promise not to print it :)

Thanks dude, that is great, please send me the links, i would like to look into it, of course i don't do abuses.

I'm 3/4s of the way printing one, in abs, 18% infill, .15mm layers, and 3 layers bottom, top and out, total height 75mm.

it looks fantastic. all the details are there, even at that size.

This is an amazing model...

oh! took 5.5 meters of filament, about 16.70 grams...

I've always found it funny that your profile lists your skill level as "intermediate". You're too modest.

yeah man. if you made this, you're much, much more advanced than intermediate, Byambaa.

Haha, thanks to you both. I am not a beginner, that is for sure, and since i don't know what skill should one have to be leveled as advanced, i set it to intermediate. Maybe next year i will change it to advanced, if more people say so :)

Very nice! How much filament is required to print it as is? How long did it take?

Great work, the level of detail is incredible. Looking forward to see more characters like this...
Are you planing to do a Black Panther by any chance?

Thanks, i am planning to release one more marvel bust in a near future. It won't be black panther tho.

Looking amazing well done!