ePIc snapPI hinged pi case ( raspberry pi case 2 3 and 4 )

by Tripnutz Jan 15, 2018
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Awesome looking design, and it seems to allow for full size hats. I would love to see the following:

  • a taller lid to accommodate taller hats
  • a lid that allows for GPIO access while closed
  • keyhole mounts on the base.
  • maybe slot the wings of the cover to flex enough to fasten instead of split base?

Going to play with remixing this one! Thanks!

This must be the definitive case for the Raspberry Pi. Just printed and assembled it and it's great. 2 minor points - the holes for the 30mm fan are to close together, I had to draw them out with a file and I filed a slope on the snap catch so that the lid closes more easily. Still a great design though.

I finally had a chance to look at all your designs and if no one has told you. You're doing a great job! Any chance we can get a raspberry pi 4 version of this case?

I 2nd this request. I have found this case to be wonderful and all of my friends envy this design. Besides a pi 4 case, it would be nice to have more room in the case for larger heatsinks and larger fans.

Thanks anyway for your creative designs.

Hey goedcj999 generous tip! Thank you!!! Let me see if I cant accommodate your request for more space and a pi 4 design. What size of fan are you hoping for? 40 x 40 x 10mm seems fairly standard so not sure where to go with that... let me know what you are thinking... completely taller internally or just a way to mount externally? PM me if it's easier. Thanks again!!

I need a bit more internal clearance for my 40mm fan. Any chance that you would upload a top cover with the hole for the insert that is 7mm taller, or provide the Step files so that I can extend it? Love the case!

Looks like you're not alone... I'll see if I can create some more space internally or externally.

The remixes option is greyed out. Did you restrict remixes?

Probably... looks like I cant change the license from my phone. I'll see if I can from a desktop next time I'm at one!

Actually, a friend extended your model for me. I've been meaning to upload it as a remix, but i've been busy. I'll do it now. This remix will easily fit a 11x40mm fan inside the case.

I think I have correctly changed the license to allow remixes... when you get a chance try again and see if it is allowed. Your buddies fix looks pretty good so I would be interested it giving it a go myself.

Remix posted. Thanks for the great case!

Thank you! I have added the remix to the description and credit you for the file!

I've printed several cases for my Raspberry pies and this is by far my favorite in aesthetics functionally and easy to print. thanks a million!

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Great to hear! I am glad you enjoy it!!

I love it! A couple questions: Will it support a 40x20 fan internally, or only a 40x10? If it's too shallow, I may surface mount the 40x20 Noctua on the outside of the case, but it looks like there is some clearance in there. Second, any plans to release a 40mm top cap with a camera ribbon slit possibly? Thanks for the great design!

By the looks of it there is NOT enough room internally for 20mm thick fan. I attached a section view that shows there is a slot in some of the covers already for a ribbon cable noted with a 1 in the pic. 2 shows that with the fan mounted internally it could still be hard to route the cam ribbons cable past the fan but looks feasible if done carefully. So there is ribbon cable access but maybe not feasible with an internally mounted fan. Good Luck.

I just printed this on my Prusa MK3 and it looks great. One issue, though... the insert doesn't snap-fit into the cover. I'm planning on gluing it into place, but wondering if anybody else has experienced the same thing. I'm also wondering if scaling the insert up by 1% might work.

I had same problem. Reprinted with scaling 101% help.

Why is'nt there an insert/fan cover for a 30mm fan?

That's what I'm looking for my Pi3 and Octopi

hi just downloaded this but would not load in the sketchup but i got that to work. but after import it in to cura its really big what scale to scale it down to fit the pi 3 or do i need to scale it in sketchup?

Sketchup must be set to inches and the files you downloaded comes in in mm so it times it by 25.4? Not 100% sure. I never have to scale anything off of thingiverse so it must be how Sketchup is bringing the file in. See if you can switch it fromm inches to MM. not 100% sure.

thank you for getting back to me my sketchup is set to mm and its saying its 87416mm long. could it be mashlab that did something has i had to open it and resave as a .dae with mashlab has opening the file with sketchup would lag my pc out ?

This is surprisingly good. I usually like to design my own stuff, and have tried numerous of my own and downloaded pi cases, and I don;t think I have ever commented just to say somehting is good. But this case prints easily, and more importantly prints at the correct tolerance for holes etc, and generally works really well. Iv'e only just assembled and stuck my pi3 into it with a 12v 40mm fan running off the pi's 5v/gnd pins (because it's silent at <half voltage).....and it's great.
Obviously users need to remove all of the plugs, and sdcard before insertion into the case, but after it's in there is enough room for a rii wireless keyboard dongle to stay attached and still have room for the case to open.
Very nice.

Awesome review! Thank you. I'm glad you enjoy it:-)

Bottom half would be oriented just as you would use it. The bottom is on the plate. For the top you flip that and put the top plane on the bed.

how should the files be oriented to best avoid supports?

Hello, first of all, thank you very much for the contribution, I am having a problem, I am something new in this, and when I send the design created by you to print in the interface CURA of Robo 3D R2 the file is too big, I could provide What measures do I have to use? If it is not too much trouble. :S

I've printed one out, getting my Pi ready to go in. One thing I noticed is that the standoffs are a little short and I have a gap of about 2mm due to the sd card holder laying on the edge of the opening. I designed some spacers to use: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2760708. So far, I like it, Nice simple functional design.

6mm od x 4mm id x 2mm spacer / washer for stuff.

Interesting... I may have left them a bit short to keep it from interfering. Should be close enough for most but glad you found a solution that you like.

My Pi2 fits fine, but the sockets of the ethernet port touch the bottom of the case. I thought the standoffs could be slightly higher.

Awesome! I predict this case will become a Thingiverse legend like Tush. My only request is that you include an insert with an opening for a 30mm fan. I have a few of these an don't want to buy a 40mm fan. Thanks!

I'll know one out next week when I am back in front of the computer:-)