Customizeable Cooling Fan Blades

by Triple_S Jan 6, 2018
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The online customizer doesn't seem to like the .SCAD file. it gave me an error! How do I fix it?

So any chance of there being a clamp ring stl file floating around? i blinked and it disappeared ( i actually had it in my hand, blinked, and lost it. i'm magic.) and i'm fairly sure i can't use the fan without it. And my fan (with seven blades) has a weird mesh pattern on the blades, that look less that aerodynamic. that supposed to happen?

I know your problem. My clamping rings are magic too and can disappear randomly, but fortunatly until now they always reappeared. Since they are white, they are well visible on a dark ground. I can make an stl for them when I'm back at home, but I have no idea wether they can be printed since they are extemly small.

Concerning the mesh pattern: This is a fragment of the way the blades shapes are being calculated. The question is wether the pattern is visible in the SLICED or PRINTED model. If this is the case rising the parameters Bowing_Resolution_Perpendicular_Blades and Bowing_Resolution_Vertical_Blades in the Advanced scad file will make them vanish. I fear there is no way to get rid of them in the old scad file which is another reason I recommend the Advanced although the rendering takes quite some time.

well i managed to make one, i dare say it was easier than i thought. now to see if your fan works well.

So far so good, i printed the fan in abs, so the id was maybe slightly off, but i got everything in, and my clamp ring, also made out of abs, also works. It's somewhat noisier than the stock fan, but nowhere near as bad as the fan with a few busted blades. i may try to do another print with something like petg (or another high temp material) but this works fine for now. Thanks.

I'm glad they seem to work for you.
I experienced the same (fan being more noisy than the stock one). It improved a lot after I decreased the print speed. I assume it comes from an irregular center of mass due to slightly different extrusion at the begin and end of the perimeters. Maybe decreasing the layer height also helps.

Thanks, unfortunently, i'm not the cleanest of people, so i have filament scrap/dust in my printer. Ironically, i was planning on cleaning my printer after i was done working on it. and that's assuming it's even in my printer. i'm thinking that a standard ring might not print, but i'm to nervous to take the other ring off my second fan, so i"ll gladly wait. Even if it won't print, if you want to send me the stl anyway, i might make a thing so it stays together. don't know what yet, Hopefully it will print.

I Absolutely destroyed my fan trying to take the old blades off. Looks like this in the tub costing me about six bucks ... ☹️ It was my fault though.

how do i remove the clamping ring?

Did you remove the clamping ring first? After that the old blades basically fall out by themselves.

no. i didn't see one... to late now... :( all well its not a big deal.

Thank you,just printed one having just seen that there is a blade missing on my fan.Printed nicely just have to fit it now.

Thanks so much! I literally just ran into this problem and was testing (unsuccessfully) a few blade designs. Will have to give this a try.

Well I hope my design works for you. At least it works very well for me.
The trickiest part is assembling the fan axle. As I wrote using a vise to push it in works pretty well if you use needlenose pliers to hold the axle in the right position.
If you have any problems, feel free to ask.