3D Printer Electronics Enclosure - Touch Screen, Mainboard, MOSFET, PSU, Raspberry, Fan.

by IIZEROXII Jan 6, 2018
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Ich brauche dringend hilfe. Ich habe alles nur installiert, wenn ich auf dem Display bin. Kann mir da einer bitte schnell helfen. Gerne auch über PN danke

What do you need help with?

Is the raspberry lay in the right Edge without holder or Screws?

No the raspberry attaches to th underside of the rear lid

Hello, i am from Germany and your Box is the best thing i saw here.

But i have a CR 10 in a self Made case, but my paspberry display and my Box from CR 10 stay in Top.

I am a newbie with design thinks, i print a loot from here. But self design is Not that Good for so a powerfull case.

I hope you can help me with this box to modify.

I have a mks gen 1.4 with 4 tmc stepper. Raspberry with touchscreen.

Not sure what you are after.

I believe he wants Ramps 1.4 mounting points instead of the default Anet board

Edit: He wants MKS 1.4 mounting points. I thought they were the same form factor, but it seems they're different.

I want to use your Enclosure for my CR10.

The front is perfekt, i habe the same screen and raspberry.

But my Board is a mks gen 1.4. I think the Screws holder is different.

I want to use the 2.8 inch or 3.2 inch mks touch screen in Top where is your screen.

Hi is the back lid supposed to have the octoprint logo (not lid_back_octoprint_logo.stl, but lid_back.stl seems to have it too). I was hoping for a plain one, but that's ok :). Thanks for this awesome project!

Hey sorry if it's too late but I added a plain back lid to the thing

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Hi, your ebay link to the 7" LCD no longer appears to work. Could you update it? Is it the official Raspberry Pi screen? Thank you

hellow .

I wanne print this with my anet a8 . But when i open the files in cura non off them fit the print bed .
My setting are 220x220x240 ?
what did i wrong ?

found the problem :) it was the brimm . but i need a brimm for the ABS . Is it possible to put only Brimm on the inside in cura ?

Correct the brim is the problem.

Comments deleted.

Do you have a print for the Anet A6 that has a hole for the knob instead of the 4 buttons on the Anet A8?

Yes the no touch screen version had that.

First off this is probably the most universal control box design on Thingiverse! Plenty of room to work in and make mods without having to change the overall design. I am having some troubles though.

I remixed, the middle section to accept the GT2560 board and my mosfet. On the back I added a whole slot for a USB-B connector. I also have a CR-10 and using freecad joined the back and middle section together so I can print standing up as one piece. I am having trouble doing any manipulation of the Full Graphics Front in freecad or meshmixer. The mesh seems to be broken, each time I make any changes to the full graphics front I end up with missing sides, which causes incorrect slicing.

I would mostly like to enlarge the SD card slot on the front 35x10mm. As a secondary mod I would also like to use freecad or some other tool to join it with the middle and back join I made so that I can print it as a single unit.

What tool did you build the stl file in?
Have you experienced broken meshes/how do you fix?
If you are able to reproduce this issue, can you post an updated version or provide assistance to the correct way I should be loading up the stl in a CAD program for editing?

I did not have any issues editing the back or middle sections.

I use Fusion 360 for my modeling. Sorry you are having trouble with this. That's a good idea to put the back and middle together. As for the trouble you're having, stl's aren't the best file to edit and you get problem like what you are experiencing. If you draw a diagram of what you are after I'll do the edit for you.

Thanks for your offer. I would love the hole in the front of the full graphics model where it says "lights" to be 34.2mm wide and 11.7mm tall. This is so I can fit this thing:


Comments deleted.

I'm very interested in printing this for myself, it's awesome!
Has someone or can someone turn the A8 display mount into a mount for the RepRap Full Graphics Display? My skill is limited to OpenSCAD and TinkerCAD and both don't lend themselves very well to modifying this case for that well...

Well I done it for that one, check the remixes.

Yes, that's the one, thank you! You're amazing!

Sure give me a few mins

buy link are dead can you change them

Done. Only found some had ended.

Has anyone upgraded this design to support the Anet A6?

The only thing different is the screen and there is a option for that in the files and says in the details. Now that you ask though I haven't made a no touch screen version. I'll do that today.

@iizeroxii any way to turn this into atx psu? I don't have the skills to get it done. Currently printing front panels!

Yeah it could be done, I'll do it.

Would love to see the logos to be it up with LEDs

You know what I reckon I could do that. Stay Tuned.

I am trying to modify the files so i can get my Melzi board to fit. I currently have fusion 360 loaded but I am unable to modify them.

Is there a trick to modifying the STL file?

I am trying to modify this to fit my Melzi board, I have a tronxy p802ma. I see you used fusion 360 to create them but when I try to use fusion 360 i am unable to modify them.

how can I modify them?

Fusion 360 can modify stl files but there is a few steps that need to do to get it to work. Use Google to find out or can wait till I upload the Fusion 360 files.

Sorry I Finally added the files to the download.

I have been meaning to add the Fusion 360 files to this but I have been busy. I'll try today.

oh and is there a way you could add the .igs files i have a addafruit 7" screen and i think it is different then the screen you used so i would need to make some mods to the front bezel and it is way easier to edit a .igs file instead of trying to edit a stl file.

I have the Adafruit 7" as well and was thinking about doing this. Did the Adafruit 7" display fit or did you end up modifying it? If you had to change it can you share it as a remix?


Hey sorry I missed this comment. I used Fusion 360 to make this I can post them files.

awsome cant wait to make this amazing looking enclosure.

Added the files mate.

so i have 2 questions first is how did wire the raspberry pi to control your power supply so you can use the on off feature without a relay? the second i'm guessing that the push button switch is to power on the raspberry pi so i'm wondering how you wired that a swell. if you could make a quick video explaining the process or just take some really good pics and maybe add to the instructions that would be really awesome.

P.S. Amazing design i was thinking of doing something like this just havn't found the time and you did it way better then i would have.

The push button switch turns the lights on and off. The raspberry is power by seperate power that came with it (http://projectshopbd.com/product/raspberry-pi-3-power-supply-5v-2-5a-power-supply-adapter-raspberry-pi-3-389/) and has a toggle switch on the power line that comes out the back. I use Wemo Insight wifi switch (http://www.belkin.com/au/p/P-F7C029/) to turn on and off and the system for that is installed on the raspberry then use octoprint command plugin to do the command to turn it on and off. So I haven't wired anything special. It's a pretty simple system.

Thanks for the quick reply. That really helps I have a Belkin wifi power adaptor so it should do the same and I'll just need to get the switch for the pi.

Any chance you can set this up for the Anet 12864 LCD Smart Display Screen Controller Module (Anet A6 screen) please? Would love to build this. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Anet-12864-LCD-Smart-Display-Screen-Controller-Module-with-Cable-3D-Printer-Accessory-for-Reprap-3D/32676180608.html

OK have added a lid for that screen if you do print this could you let me know if it fits good.

Sure can, hopefully do it today.

That would be GREATLY appreciated if you could. Thank you !!!!

what do the files that say first layer only do? is it exactly whats on the tin and its just a test layer?

The answer to you question is in the building instructions. But it is to get the outline colors and the logo if you want them.

oh ok, also about the cables to the main board and end stops, how does one extend them?

This is exactly what I was looking for, looks beautiful.

I need to size it down a little though as I print on a glass plate, that is 215x215mm. So I would be a very tight fit.
Do you think I can just get rid of say 5-10mm, or will I have a bad time putting it together and wiring it up then?

Or would putting the glass plate perfectly aligned at one corner and positioning the parts in Cura work too?

The scree needs that thickness. Everything else would be ok. You could cut them all in half to make fit on your build plate.

You're totally right...
Sometimes I fail to see the easiest and most reasonable approach. Thanks for the suggestion :D

I will try to print the parts in two halves, before I start any tedious and not necessarily productive attempts at scraping some millimeter here and there in the stl's. Sounded way to complicated anyways.

It's all good mate I did somethings like that designing it

how are you doing all the wire runs between the box and the printer? Are the all straight runs? Did you do some sort of bus and connectors?

All wires are straight runs.

Hi there,

Do u have the fusion 360 file so i could edit the front screen so i can add ramps lcd to it and add mounts for the ramps and i want to change the top and add off/on switches

I was planning on adding ramps support when I get a ramps board for measurments

Any updates on that?
Would be glad if i could save on printing a extra mounting adapter.

No I don't have a ramps board I could use measurements from another design but it would be untested?

Will test ist for you then ;-)
BTW: On the ATX design:
I think in the original version you are using the Back for the Raspberry? Do i get it right that the Pi goes to the Lid in the ATX version?

Maybe this link helps you for the Design?

That will help I'll do that today.
The raspberry mounts under the back lid on all versions.

This is exactly what I was thinking to make. I have used the side mounted case covers for all that setup and was very disappointed with the cable mess there.
It looks great will definitely try making it.
And can you please share the STL of your camera mount ?

I just done a remix of the mount to make another rotation point

Another Axis For Camera Mount

Thank you very much, I will add my camera mount to the description.