Big Ork Warboss

by Polarcupz Jan 6, 2018
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Is the pic resin or fdm?

FDM. Printed on my Ultimaker 2+. Specs should be listed in the makes section as well. :)

Question would it be advisable to use supports in this build adhering to the .06mm build height and 100% infill with adhesion in the current cura software?

It will need the support due to the many overhangs even with 100% infill.

Thanks first time trying it out says it will be about 17 hours so hopefully it goes well

Had a problem in the final stages of the print looks like the layer above the eyes went off and created a mass of flat plastic off the side of his head and some of the supports look like they mislayered and caused his left leg to fall apart. Not sure what happened

I remeshed for another user the ork30mm.stl which is smaller but the mesh isn't split like the other model which has a few issues. You can increase the size in Cura but this model should print cleaner. Check the layers in Cura when viewing as well.

i believe I had layers set to .01mm but yeah I'll try that version next

Okay thank you man, My ork truc should be here today or tomorrow some time, and my warhammer 40k first strike starter set should be here today

Do I have to scale him any? or is he properly scaled? I want to make like 12 bosses for a big army I am making.

Okay thank you bud, Now for a ork army what scale size do I need for a competitive army?

For competitive you may not want him seen above the army. As he stands right now he is about 40mm tall without the gretchin on his shoulders. I would measure your orks and see how high you would want him to stand, and use that as the scale.

The painted one in my pictures is the scale this is set to and he is shown on a 40mm base. If you want smaller or larger feel free to scale down/up.

This is an amazing model, I really wish you did a whole line of Orks in this style! I would field my entire army with them!

That would be hilarious to field. A whole line of swol orks!

i am trying too print this at 200% scale at the moment.
everthing is fine execpt for the body.
i ful view i see the whole body but when i go to layer view i miss the middle half.
the top and bottom stay but the middle disappears
any idea why?

I see you got this to print. Sorry about the troubles. Glad you got one.
200% is huge!

I had added the parts back together which may have created some model gaps. On my print Cura seemed to correct it (the most noticeable was the head with the jaw).

btw, nice camo paint job!

could you post a complete version with the boots? The complete version printed so wonderfully on my Photon.

Just added him. Meshed the boots back on and removed the feet.

something messed up on one of my boots and the upper brim went all to hell on it

Interesting. Perhaps one of the boots isn't meshed properly. It is a large file. I know I and others have had success. I use cura to prep the print to my printer and it usually fixes some items before creating my G-Code. Some of the models from the game have gaps and the boots I believe fall into the same category. Seeing if NetFabb fixes anything with an extended repair script (running now). Otherwise I am at a loss.
Is it one particular boot?

I will have to go back and get the models to re-mesh. They were on my old computer. I didn't export the complete model because my printer is an FDM, but I will see what I can do for the Photon printers. Those are nice!

This is awesome! How about one with mega armour?

That is a good idea. I have models that I made for meganobz but haven't tested them so I haven't uploaded. Perhaps one could be mixed with this model too for a mega armor warboss.

That much awesome would be world-changing. Give him a metal skull cap and he's Ghaz.

Comments deleted.

Could you please link the goblin and the weap models? thanks!

For my personal one I used GW parts for the Grot and custom built the weapons. Some tourneys specify that you have to have some GW parts.

For nice Grot Models check these out: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2878211
For other weapons check this one I uploaded: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2760631

Grot meks
by Tsipis
Orc Weapon Set

I see you traded dakka for muscles and it lookz fukin awesum