Nested ABHA Rodin Coil Frames - 1st & 3rd Order

by spard001 Jan 7, 2018
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oops sorry about the caps

Thanks for your contribution.
Not sure if Solidworks imports the STL file with the correct proportions. I have not worked with Solidworks for a few years now but I would assume you should be able to place measurements on the parts. I know that with IronCAD I need to sometimes export in a file format it likes and then I open that and can manipulate some not native models better.
What are you trying to do with it, scale it? The outside diameter of the big frame is 400mm.

yes i am trying to scale it , i am thinking about cutting the pieces out of metal orsomehow make the pieces into N52 magnets or magnetizing the pieces and then coil them..... just as an experiment

I can suggest using the free Blender 3D modelling software from https://www.blender.org/. That will 100% scale the model. I use it very often render realistic technical designs and setups. The images you see with the translucent green and bule inner smaller frame are actually rendered with Blender. Also, if you 3D print then you can scale within Ultimaker Cura slicing software although Blender has now 3D printing tool as well, I did not test that one yet.

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Thank you for sharing this, I printed my first version in ABS.

If I wanted to take it to phi^5, do you have the source files? Did you make this in OpenSCAD?

That would be very large, if you look at the maths on the single coil project I posted.
I did not create the CAD file for the 5th order coil.
I designed the parts in IronCad. If you are a student you could buy a student license or if there is a student in your family could utilise that to get one. I only used SolidWorks and IronCAD for design work.
I will look into Blender to model it but just started to use it a short while ago so not going to be anytime soon and for pro work I do not think I can use that. You can actually import the stl file into Blender which is a free software. Excellent to do concept work and animation and lots of info about the software and how to use it on the Internet. I would suggest to look into it.

Thank you so much for this.
This piece of art is serving a true purpose of cocreation.
Much gratitude to you dear friend.

Thank you for your feedback :-).